Number of Hours: 45
Number of Credits: 2
Maximum intake: 30
Eligibility:  Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Psychology  (Optional)
                   Undergraduate and Postgraduate Non- Psychology students (Mandatory)
Course Description
The course has been developed bearing in mind the current education system in India which emphasizes on teaching the curriculum and not the student. Thus it is necessary to understand the students’ challenges and difficulties – whether they originate from within one’s self or from outside. This in turn creates a cycle of constant stress and pressure on teachers, students and parents. While some students have been able to cope successfully in this inflexible educational system, most of them cannot withstand it. They succumb to various academic, behavioural and psychological problems. Under these circumstances, the course aims to help students to become aware of these academic issues and the use of appropriate enhancement skills and techniques for better performance in academics and in life, at large. 
The methodology for this course will include group discussions, case studies, role plays, audio-visuals, input sessions, and project work.

Open Electives