Objectives -  45 Hrs
The purpose of the course is to familiarize the learners on basic concepts that are useful in managing the personal and finance. The course module covers topics such as individual financial life cycle, financial goal specification, investment alternatives, Financial environment analysis, income tax planning, expenditure management, financial planning, financial emergency management, identifying future purchases, additional income generation, asset allocation and speculation, monitoring and revaluation of assets, active portfolio management, types of deposit and loan accounts, invest avenues, types of borrowing and risk managing. The course would also enable financial literacy on various institutions, markets and instruments that are engaging financial operations. 
UNIT 1 Introduction to financial planning - 08 Hrs
Financial life cycle - Financial goal specification - Retirement planning 
UNIT 2 Investment Alternatives -  08 Hrs
Understanding of markets - Basics of Primary markets - Basics of Secondary markets - Debt instruments – scope and avenues - Equity and Mutual Funds.
UNIT 3 Financial Budgeting - 08 Hrs
Financial environment analysis - Identifying Resources - Expenditure management - Identifying future purchases - Additional income generation 
UNIT 4 Tax planning and Retirement Planning -  07 Hrs
Financial bills - Income tax planning - Financial emergency management- Retirement planning
UNIT 5 Deposit & Loan management -  08 Hrs
Types of deposits - Loan financing - Basics of Banking operations 
UNIT 6: Financial portfolio construction -  06 Hrs
Asset allocation and portfolio- Monitoring and revaluation of assets- Risk management- Active versus portfolio construction
Recommended Readings
1. Xavier V. K (2011). Financial Economics, Magi’s Publications, Bangalore.
2. Brown, R. (2003). Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Thomson Publication Press.
3. Bodie, K. & Mohanty (1999). Investments, TMH.
4. Jones, C. P. (2008). Investments Analysis and Management, Wiley Publications.

Open Electives