Objectives -45 Hrs
This paper is offered as a tool to obtain knowledge and skills for business data analysis and automation using Excel 2010. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to build efficient and dynamic models according to the modern business requirements and format data to enhance the quality of information presentation.
UNIT 1 -  04Hrs
Introduction: File types, Spreadsheet structure, Menu bar, Quick access toolbar, Mini toolbar, Excel options. Formatting: Format painter, Font, Alignment, Number, Styles, Cells, Clear, Page layout
UNIT 2 -  07Hrs
Business data collection using Excel Web Query. Rearranging data using Data table and Pivot. Graphing business data using Excel
UNIT 3 - 10Hrs
Business data analysis using Excel functions &formulas: VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, IF…AND…OR, INDEX, MATCH, GOAL SEEK, Nested formulas, Mega formulas
UNIT 4 - 24Hrs
VBA Programming: Developer environment, Variables, Data types, Looping, Sub procedures, Function procedures, Add-Ins, Mini-Excel application project
Recommended Readings
1. Jelen, B. (2010). Using Microsoft Office Excel.
2. Hawley, D. and Hawley, R. (2009). Excel hacks.
3. Walkenbach, J. (2000). Ms Excel Power Programming With VBA.
4. Jelen, B. and Syrstad, T. (2008). VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel

Open Electives