MSc (Computer Science and Applications) is offered by CHRIST (Deemed to be University) for the professionals working in the software industry or related fields. This program is intended to enhance their existing academic foundations with comprehensive understanding of the use and application of information technology. The programme focuses on Advanced Operating Systems, Data Structures, Software Project Management, Networks, Data Warehousing and Data Mining.


On successful completion of the MSc programme students will be able to
PO1    Engage in continuous reflective learning in the context of technology and scientific advancement.
PO2    Identify the need and scope of the Interdisciplinary research.
PO3    Enhance research culture and uphold the scientific integrity and objectivity
PO4    Understand the professional, ethical and social responsibilities
PO5    Understand the importance and the judicious use of technology for the sustainability of the environment
PO6    Enhance disciplinary competency, employability and leadership skills


Course Objective
1.The program is designed to help software professionals who are already employed to further their knowledge in their respective domains.
2.To enhance the project management skills.
3.To facilitate software professionals to take lead roles.
4.To understand and assimilate knowledge and skills to apply in their industry.
5.To introduce contemporary theoretical concepts about the processes, standards and practices in software development life cycle.
6.To assist in career advancement by acquiring additional degree.

Two years (Four semesters- Weekend Program).

Open Electives