The Department of International Studies and History in consonance with its mission statement is committed to groom socially concerned and politically conscious citizens and effective public policy experts. The introduction of MA in International Studies provided a new dimension to the Department, which created an impetus for the teaching and research of the complex forces that determine the shape of the 21st century on politics in all its magnitudes; international, comparative, theoretical and empirical.


To become a globally recognized centre for Excellence with a critical understanding of the past and present, towards constructing a comprehensive future.


Mission of the department is to groom socially concerned and politically conscious citizens and effective policy experts with a strong grounding in interdisciplinary approaches by providing a platform for critical analysis, experimentation and discovery.


With the aim of nurturing socially concerned and politically cognizant students and providing them with an expertise in international affairs, the Department of International Studies and History offers the Undergraduate programme with the combination of History, Economics and Political Science (HEP), Post graduate programme in  Master of Arts (MA) in International Studies.  The Department offers MPhil and PhD programmes with distinct interdisciplinary qualities in the fields of International Studies and is emerging as one of the leading departments in the fields of Area Studies and International Relations in India.

The Department’s Masters Programme has today evolved to compose of all International Relations major area studies, theories, their applications, as well as global tongues like French and Mandarin. It has been moulded with the foremost agenda of making well-equipped professionals out of its student pool. Within its short span of existence, the Department has emerged as one of the most prominent ones in India’s International Relations and Area Studies turf.