Extension Activities

  • Community service through Centre for Social Action - All  B.Ed students undertake community Service in the first semester of their course and this is done in collaboration with the CSA
  • Samson R Victor, participated as a resource person in the approval of the syllabus in the1st BOS Meeting of M. Sc Psychology, B. Sc Psychology, B. Ed and Diploma in Pre School Education – HCBT, Colombo.
  • Faculty of the School of Education are invited as Resource persons for Guest Lectures and conducting Workshops in Schools/Colleges.
  • BEd students engage in teaching slum children in Bengaluru as part of their community service
  • Thetwo day community living camp is organized in a selected village .It is organized in collaboration with CSA of the University. Students get a village exposure, visit schools in the village, and undertake community service.
  • Srikantaswamy and  Sumita Rao have been the Resource persons for Academic Staff College of Bangalore University