MSc (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) programme enables students by preparing them for management careers in businesses and non-profit organizations. This programme is designed to bridge the knowing-doing gap; we have integrated mandatory Corporate Residency component that offers unmatched experiential learning and networking opportunities.


Programme Objectives:
1. To prepare students for management careers in businesses and non-profit organizations. We focus on emerging areas namely Entrepreneurship, Education Leadership, Healthcare Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability & CSR and Entrepreneurship. 
2. To bridge the knowing-doing gap; through integrated mandatory Corporate Residency component that offers unmatched experiential learning and networking opportunities. 
3. Apply decision-making techniques, using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, to management issues
 Programme Outcomes:
Students will be able to:
1. Display competencies and knowledge in key business functional areas 
2. Possess the skills to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
3. Work effectively and professionally in teams
4. Develop an understanding of the diverse and rapidly changing global business environment
5. Possess the skills to identify professional issues in a variety of contexts
6. Apply decision-making techniques, using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, to management issues
7. Analyze and evaluate ethical problems that occur at all levels of business decision making
8. Conduct strategic analysis using both theoretical and practical applications


Specialization Tracks :

  • Education Leadership
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and CSR
  • Healthcare Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Transform with MSc (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) Program:

MSc (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) prepares students to become hands-on leaders because today’s organizations place a higher value on MBAs with practical hands-on skills.

MSc (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) Concentrations

Entrepreneurship - This concentration is built around helping you to create and implement startups and new ventures. We will help you build the framework for your new venture and provide you with hands-on-experience and skills necessary to become an entrepreneur. Besides being an entrepreneur, some popular career options after MBA in Entrepreneurship includes

  • Intrapreneur- In-Residence / Corporate Intrapreneur: Using your creativity and entrepreneurial skills under an established company.
  • Project Manager: Since entrepreneurs are good at multitasking, project management is a good career prospect.
  • Growth Manager: build businesses up from scratch through vast experimentation, this makes it great for them to work in organisations as a growth hacker to elevate their user base.
  • Product Management roles where you will develop and manage the product in alignment with the corporate strategy.

Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility –
India has gone further than any other country in implementing CSR. In 2013, the government enacted Section 135 of the Indian Companies Act prescribing a mandatory “CSR spend of 2% of average net profits during the three immediately preceding financial years” for all companies meeting specified financial thresholds. This concentration can boost careers for in sustainability roles, such as strategic functions and corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments of companies committed to improving their social/environmental footprint or stakeholder engagement. Our curriculum in sustainability explores business ideas through different lenses: the “triple bottom line,” for example, gauges success based on not only a business' profit, but also how it effects the planet and humanity.

Some popular career options includes

  • Social Entrepreneur
  • CSR Project Manager
  • Sustainability and CSR Consulting
  • Stakeholder Management

Education Leadership

Students in this program will learn contemporary approaches to leadership within education and business environments. This specialization is for career enhancement in the field of Capacity Building, Training and Development in corporations and to develop strong educational management capabilities. In short, this specialization is designed to address contemporary themes at the intersection of education, business, and entrepreneurship.

Some popular career options includes:
Students of this unique program leave with the tools necessary to chart new solutions in education such as building education technology ventures, designing schools, Training and Development, scaling social impact initiatives, and leading innovation in educational organizations and corporations.

Healthcare Management

The MBA in Healthcare Management is becoming a popular healthcare track for future leaders who want to enter a growing industry that is worth an estimated $2.26 trillion dollars. In the past, getting employed by a healthcare organization meant gaining clinical experience. Now, with more and more organizations trying to manage costs and keep up with competitive advantage, the demand for healthcare management professionals is on the rise. The curriculum is tailor-made for students who aspire to work in leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, clinics, special care institutions and health and wellness.   
The specialization offers in-depth courses on
•    Healthcare Management Operations and Control
•    Quality Improvement & Patient-centered Healthcare
•    Healthcare Analytics

Some popular career options include:

  • Manager or administrator with hospitals,
  • Supply chain Management in Healthcare / Pharma sector
  • Business Development
  • Healthcare Quality Manager
  • Healthcare Analytics

Why MSc (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)?

  • Managing the Total Enterprise Approach: The program offers latest curriculum developed in collaboration with industry experts, our unique curriculum is based on ‘Managing the Total Enterprise’, by integrating the functional areas rather than ‘functional silos’ approach.
  • Integrated Cooperative Education Methodology: commonly known as “co-op” is a structured method of combining classroom-based education with practical Corporate Residency experience.
  • We Bridge Knowing-Doing Gap: Our curriculum includes mandatory four semester-length Corporate Residency component.  This approach enables participants to bridge knowing-doing gap. Throughout the program, there are challenging Corporate Residency opportunities/ short- term consulting assignments/research projects from reputed companies to experience how integration is played out in the workplace. This enables prepares our students to   solve real business problems.   
  • Academic credit for structured Corporate Residency experience.  
  • Study with a small cohort of bright students: Our rigorous application process ensures you will be motivated, encouraged, inspired and challenged by others like you.

Corporate Residency Employers:
A representative sample of employer partners:
The possibilities for your Corporate Residency experience are limitless Our network with leading Employers give you the opportunity to start your career in organizations in high growth start-ups, unicorns and established firms like Bosch, Goldman Sachs, Times Group, ITC Foods, Naryana Hrudayalaya, Manipal Hospital,  Milaap, Fortis Healthcare, McAfee, Bal Pharma and many others.  Our students receive paid/ unpaid residencies with employers in the business, not-for-profit and sectors.

Final Placements:  With exceptional Corporate Residency opportunities. You’ll be immersed quickly and intensely into the real business world with a two-year corporate residency experience.

MSc (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)Program Glance:
Your Corporate Residency career begins along with regular classes right after getting admitted into the program. Our Corporate Residency will coach and rigorously prepare for this deep immersion into the business world.  Across four semesters you will accomplish and learn more because a MSc (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) program prepares you for more options than you think.

Year 1


Semester 1

Core Papers:


MBAL 131 Business Management and Organizational Behavior

MBAL 132 Financial Accounting for Decision Making

MBAL 133 Statistics

MBAL 134 Managerial Economics

MBAL 135 Operational Excellence & Leadership

MBAL 151 Data Analytics for Decision Making  - 1

MBAL 171 Experiential Learning - - Corporate Residency I


Corporate Residency (June to October)

Semester 2

Core Papers:


MBAL 231 Human Resource Management

MBAL 232 Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Business

MBAL 233 Financial Management

MBAL 234 Marketing Management

MBAL 235 Quantitative Techniques & Operations Research

MBAL 236 Business Research Methodology

MBAL 251 Data Analytics for Decision Making  - 2

MBAL 271 Experiential Learning - - Corporate Residency II



Corporate Residency (November to March)



Summer Internship (Mid April to Mid June)


Year 2


Semester 3

MBAL 331 Strategic Financial Management

MBAL 332 Strategic Management

MBAL 333 Operations and Supply chain Management

MBAL 351 Data Analytics for Decision Making - III

MBAL 381 Experiential Learning - Corporate Residency III

MBAL 382 Summer Internship


Specialization Papers:


Education Leadership

MBAL 341A Training and Development

MBAL 342A Curriculum Development, Instructional Design, and Assessment

MBAL 343A E-Learning Management Systems


Healthcare Management


MBAL 341B Healthcare Analytics

MBAL 342B Pharma and Healthcare Quality Management

MBAL 343B Operations and SCM in Pharma and Healthcare

MBAL 344B Legal and Regulatory Affairs in Pharma & Healthcare



Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

MBAL 341C Sustainability Management and Impact Leadership

MBAL 342C Design Thinking and Social Innovation

MBAL 343C CSR Project Management



MBAL 341D Entrepreneurial Strategy

MBAL 342D Legal and Regulatory Affairs in Startups

MBAL 343D Design Thinking, Innovation and Idea Productization


Corporate Residency III (June to October)




Live Project (November to March)


Semester 4

MBAL 431 Cost and Management Accounting

MBAL 432 Project Management

MBAL 433 Data Analytics for Decision Making - IV

MBAL 437 Industry Live Project / New Venture Creation


Specialization Papers:


Education Leadership

MBAL 441A Entrepreneurship in Education

MBAL 442A Quality Management in Education

MBAL 443A Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Education Mgmt

MBAL 444A Strategic Marketing and Branding in Education


Healthcare Management


MBAL  441B Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

MBAL  442B Healthcare Insurance

MBAL  443B Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing

MBAL  444B Healthcare Consulting


Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility


MBAL  441C Finance for Social Enterprises

MBAL 442C Social Entrepreneurship

MBAL 443C Non-Profit Marketing and Fundraising

MBAL 444C Research Methods in CSR




MBAL 441D Entrepreneurial Finance

MBAL 442D Strategic Marketing and Branding

MBAL 443D Reengineering Small and Family Business

MBAL 444D Direct and Indirect Tax



Program Delivery:

The program will deliver learning in an accelerated mode with a focus on developing application skills. Participants will be able to apply the concepts learnt to their real time business problems. This will be achieved through the curriculum design - there will be 12 core courses in the first year. In the second year students can choose three core and three specialized track papers .  To accelerate career growth the program will provide participants with mandatory on-the-job learning opportunities.

Duration: 2 years/ 4 Semesters (Full Time)

Timings : 07:25 AM - 12:00 PM Classroom Session

               1:00 PM - 5:30 PM Internship Session

Program Highlights:


*On-the-job learning method - a two year-long, four-part course—gives students meaningful and numerous opportunities to act like leaders, translating their ideas into practice.

  • Work Integrated Study Program - Participants study and work side-by-side.
  • Action-based Learning.  Learn by Doing.
  • Taught by practicing industry professionals
  • Experiential Learning’ course delivery by industry-experienced full-time and visiting faculty, to enable you apply the concepts and ideas to your work situations
  • Focus on developing the core managerial competencies required in modern business: Decision Making, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking, Global Perspective and Leadership
  • New age courses like Business Analytics, Business Sustainability, Entrepreneurial Finance