India is fast emerging as an International Financial Centre and this is creating an opportunity for a large number of finance professionals. The rapid pace of financial innovation has changed the landscape of the financial sector. The emerging global scenario necessitates organisations to look for Finance professionals with the capacity to analyse the complex problems and make effective business decisions. MCom (International Finance) programme is designed to develop professionals with specialized skills and applied global competencies in the areas of Strategic Financial Management, Wealth Management, and Risk Management catering to the contemporary needs of industry and academia.  This programme provides student-centric learning ambience backed with critical thinking and problem solving capabilities necessary to understand and evaluate key financial issues at the domestic and international business arena.


  1. To impart students with higher level knowledge and understanding of contemporary trends in the field of International Finance, wealth management and Risk Management
  2. To equip  the students to evaluate factors that influence business operations and with the conceptual requirements and skills on preparation and interpretation of financial statements
  3. To train students  for an in depth analysis of Investment, Portfolio Management and Corporate valuation and Restructuring
  4. To prepare the students to apply Statistical methods and proficient use of tools for modelling and analysis of  business data
  5. To inculcate research culture and its effective implementation in financial decision making and provide guidance to students to plan and undertake independent research work
  6. To Train   the   students  on   teamwork,   lifelong  learning  and  continuous  professional development
  7. To create higher level of specialised career opportunities in domestic and global business arena.



Student should be able to

  1. Explain the principles of contemporary management practices for decision making 
  2. Discuss the concepts of Strategic Financial Management, Strategic Cost accounting and Investment Analysis, Portfolio Management
  3. Explain both Indian and international theories and concepts in Reporting, Law and Taxation
  4. Analyse financial statements to interpret organisational efficiency 
  5. Apply Statistical methods to model and interpret business data 
  6. Construct an optimum portfolio 
  7. Demonstrate high level oral and written communication skills by engaging in various academic and non-academic activities.
  8. Demonstrate esteemed professionalism and ethics in performing a job.
  9. Offer rationale to analyse a decisions and substantiate the decision making process through modelling and data analysis
  10. Adopt a reflective approach to personal development and focus on continual professional development


  • Advanced Curriculum with Hands-on Exposure 
  • Research Project and Publication
  • Industry internship
  • Experiential Training Sessions
  • Workshops, Group Discussions, Debates, Presentations
  • Employability Skill Enhancement Certificate Course in the area of FinTech
  • Skill Development Activities

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