M Sc (Strategic Management) is designed to provide opportunity for skill upgradation through higher education focused on strategic thinking and management for working/aspiring professionals.


Programme Objectives:
1. To develop higher level managerial competencies, with special focus on Strategic thinking, management and leadership. 
2. To develop business leadership and managerial skills, 
3. To impart critical knowledge of various theories, tools and techniques of contemporary business and management practices. 
Programme Outcomes: 
Student should be able to:
1. Lead more effectively and initiate dynamic changes in organizations, utilizing effectively the resources through strategic decision making. 
2. Develop an understanding of the diverse and rapidly changing global business environment
3. Exhibit key transferable skills, such as design-thinking, strategic decision-making, Negotiation and Persuasion capabilities and Quantitative skills
4. Work effectively and professionally in teams
5. Analyze and evaluate ethical problems that occur at all levels of business decision making


-    This is a six trimester inter-disciplinary post-graduate degree programme that allows
-    The unique timings of the course helps to accommodate working professionals
-    It is also a good opportunity for students aiming for higher studies abroad who require a 16 year education requirement
-    Students can enrol in the course in any of the ongoing trimesters namely in January/April/June/September (after providing a prior notice of one month)
-    Industry experts, practicing professionals and experienced academicians enable effective and comprehensive coverage of the curriculum

Duration: 2-4 years (6 trimesters)


Class Timings :

Morning : 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM
Evening : 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Syllabus :