B Com (Professional) programme is designed for young aspiring management accounting professionals,
equipped with strategic decision-making skills, with an ethical and global outlook.


Programme Objectives:
1. To impart the students with higher level knowledge and understanding of contemporary trends in
2. To be conversant with the broad legal and regulatory framework governing commercial activity.
3. Equip the students to evaluate environmental factors that influence business operation with the
conceptual requirements and skills on preparation and interpretation of financial statements.
4. To create strong, globally recognized Management Accounting professionals.
5. To develop specialized competency in the fields of Finance, Banking and Insurance.
6. To introduce and develop research culture amongst students and to equip them with research
skills necessary to conduct a structured and systematic research.
7. Sensitize students towards ethical issues arising out of business and society interface.


Programme Outcomes:
On completing the programme, the student will be able to
1. Apply management and cost accounting skills for decision making in a dynamic business
2. Discuss the broad legal and regulatory framework governing business activity.
3. Evaluate environmental factors concerning business operations
4. Analyse financial statements, evaluate the financial position and interpret organizational
5. Employ quantitative and qualitative analytical tools in risk and strategic management problems.
6. Apply conceptual knowledge in business analysis and project appraisal and management
7. Exhibit the competency and skills to deal with the tax structure, planning and modalities for its
8. Apply specialized competency in the broad fields of banking and insurance and financial
9. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills within the prevalent corporate
governance framework
10. Identify and consider various ethical and social concerns arising out of commercial operations.
11. Apply the research skills and conduct independent research in the issues pertaining to business and
society in a structured manner.


1. CIMA grants 10 paper exemption (out of a total of 17) for students of B Com Professional.
2. In-house assistance for CIMA non exempted papers and case studies by international faculty
3. Mandatory credit based Additional Discipline Specific Electives (ADSE) modelled on Company
Secretary (CS) course or Insurance Institute of India (III)
4. ( Students can choose any one cluster )
5. Employability skill enhancement courses like Advanced Excel, Six Sigma, Tableau, Python, Cyber
Security and Portfolio Management.
6. Academicians and practising professional faculty members enable easier and comprehensive
coverage of the curriculum
7. Duration : 3 years / 6 semesters
8. Timings : 06:30 am onwards


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