B Com (Finance and Accountancy) programme aims to nurture auditing and taxation professionals who become change agents in advising the corporate and thereby bring in higher standards in corporate governance and due diligence, for sustainable socio-economic growth of the nation.


Programme Objectives: 
1. To nurture Auditing, Accounting and Taxation Professionals who will become torch bearers of honesty and integrity and support business world to ensure sustainable socio economic growth of the country.

2. To provide a strong foundation level understanding of the functioning of business organizations, commercial transactions and of various specialized operations such as accounting, finance and marketing by offering a comprehensive curriculum.

3. To develop necessary professional knowledge and skills in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, HR, Taxation, etc. by adopting learner centered pedagogical practices.

4. To enhance employability to be able to take up challenging job assignments like CA.

5. To nurture the students in intellectual, personal, interpersonal and societal skills with a bent on Holistic Education.


Programme Outcomes:  
Students will be able to:
1. On completing the programme, the student will be able to :

2. Discuss the concepts of Auditing and taxation and the other areas of Commerce.

3. Analyze financial statements to interpret organizational efficiency.

4. Apply critical thinking skills by identifying and analysing accounting  issues using the relevant accounting framework.

5. Analyze, interpret and apply concepts of Financial, Cost and Management Accounting for business decision-making.

6. Execute the best practices of Accounting, taxation and Auditing

7. Exhibit the knowledge of entrepreneurial qualities and explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

8. Work effectively and professionally in teams.



1) Students are trained, so that they can also pass professional examination of Chartered Accountancy conducted by ICAI.

2) Mandatory credit based Additional Discipline Specific Electives (ADSE) modeled on Chartered Accountancy.

3) Employability skill enhancement courses like Advanced Excel, Six Sigma and Portfolio Management, Tableau and Python

4) Academicians and practising professionals and faculty members enable easier and comprehensive coverage of the curriculum

5) Duration : 3 years / 6 semesters 6) Timings : 06:30 am onwards