BBA (Finance and Accountancy) programme is designed for students who aspire to be strategic business leaders, new generation entrepreneurs and job creators with financial and entrepreneurial expertise to perform key roles as financial analysts and enterprise venture specialists with a vision for sustainable and inclusive growth at a global level. 


Programme Objectives: 
1. To provide a comprehensive coverage in the field of Global finance, Accounting and Auditing.

2. To develop knowledge and skills in understanding and applying accounting standards, preparation and interpretation of financial statements of entities.

3. To develop knowledge and skills required to work effectively in the global financial arena with expertise in investment, financing and risk management.

4. To develop knowledge and understanding of audit and assurance engagement and its application in professional environment.

5. To provide entrepreneurial expertise in terms of conception, design, organisation and management of new enterprises.

6. To develop leadership and ethical skills in the context of strategic growth of an organisation.

7. To introduce and develop research culture amongst students and to equip them with research skills necessary to conduct a structured and systematic research.

8. Sensitize students towards ethical issues arising out of business and society interface.


Programme Outcomes: 

On completing the programme, the student will be able to

1. Demonstrate knowledge of Conceptual and regulatory framework of International Financial Reporting.

2. Apply procedural and disclosure requirements of Financial Accounting/Reporting as per international accounting standards

3. Apply relevant knowledge in Financial Management to perform financial analysis enabling strategic financial decisions.

4. Evaluate investment opportunities and applying knowledge of derivatives to risk management in international financial markets.

5. Apply entrepreneurial expertise resulting in new generation Businessmen and Industrialists who in turn are job creators in society.

6. Develop innovative and sustainable solutions to address social problems.

7. Identify the legal and regulatory environment and its impact on international audit practice.

8. Apply principles of professional ethics in demonstrating international audit practice. Apply the research skills and conduct independent research in the issues pertaining to business and society in a structured manner.



1) ACCA grants 9 paper exemption (out of a total of 14) for students of BBA Finance & Accountancy.

2) Mandatory credit based Additional Discipline Specific Electives (ADSE) modeled on Company Secretary (CS) course or Insurance Institute of India (III)

3) (Students can choose any one cluster )

4) Employability skill enhancement courses like Advanced Excel, Six Sigma and Portfolio Management, Tableau and Python

5) Academicians and practising professional professionals faculty members enable easier and comprehensive coverage of the curriculum

6) Duration : 3 years / 6 semesters 7) Timings : 06:30 am onwards


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