Unfair as it may be, we judge others and, in turn, we are judged on appearance. The good news is that this is one area of our lives where we can take the wheel and make significant changes that will positively impact our careers. This fast paced, lively course offers participants sound advice and simple steps they can take to immediately transform their professional image.

How many times have we fumbled using forks and knives and chopsticks? How many times have we extended our Handy for a hand shake which has not been reciprocated on time leaving both individuals embarrassed? How long have we fussed over what to wear to a semi–formal official party? Well, the answer to all these questions lies in what is going to unfold. Today, professionallooks, corporate manners, these terms have gained a lot of importance.Thanks to globalization,work places have become a microcosm of the world.We find ourselves often confused as to how to behave,so that no cross - cultural barriers are created while communicating in a multi-cultural set up.In order,to overcome these problems we could encounter at the world of work,we need to familiarize ourselves with acceptable professional behavior and groom ourselves accordingly.


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