One-third of the S&P 500 and approximately 80% of the world’s businesses are family businesses.  Many students will lead successful careers in or with family businesses.  Careers in investment banking, wealth management, consulting and management all depend to some extent on family businesses.  This course promotes the continuity of successful family businesses and provides the knowledge necessary to support those families for whom continuity of family in business is a strategic objective.  The best practices examined provide a road map to enable the family business to avoid the universal “shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations” proverb.  

The course investigates the unique characteristics that allow family businesses to create inimitable competitive advantages that result in their outperformance of non-family businesses.  The issues and risks which lie at the intersection of ownership, control, and management of family businesses and the practices necessary to ensure effective optimization of all of the family business subsystems for the long-term benefit of the family business will be explored.  
The experiences of many families will be brought to bear on issues of family control, non-family management, next-generation talent and development, estate and tax planning, wealth management concerns, philanthropy and family business financing.

Course Objectives:


?    Understand the qualities which typify family businesses;
?    Appreciate family businesses’ unique capacities and potential for superior returns;
?    Understand developmental needs of family members at various stages of the businesses;
?    Develop the management and communication skills to build trust and understanding;
?    Identify and cope with foreseeable obstacles to continuity of a family business.
?    Understand and appreciate the Opportunities and Challenges in succession plans
?    Understand and appreciate Opportunities and Challenges in sourcing of finances for family business


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