The two-year (four semesters) Master’s Programme in Philosophy aims at providing a comprehensive synthesis of various philosophical disciplines to develop a critical and analytical approach to all major areas of human inquiry. The primary philosophical subjects are presented in such a way as to give the students a harmonious view of the humans, the world and God, based on the heritage of perennially valid philosophies in the East and the West.
Course Objectives
•To prepare the students to teach philosophy in centres of higher education
• To equip them to perform functions that demand higher competence in national/international organizations
•To train the students in scientific research
•To help them find meaning in life by broadening their field of vision
Course Dynamics
The Master’s Programme consists of lectures, written assignments, presentations, practical exercises, a comprehensive viva and a scientifically prepared thesis/dissertation. The Master’s Degree in Philosophy, awarded at the end of the successful completion of the four-semester programme, qualifies the students for admission to a Doctorate in Philosophy in all the Departments/Faculties all over the world.


Salient Features

•Approaching the subject from academic and practical points of view
•Focus on subaltern and women perspectives
•Facility to learn classical (Sanskrit or Latin) and modern (German or French) languages
•Opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, ‘Dharma Endowment Lectures’, Faculty Day, etc.
•Extra-curricular activities for peer interaction, growth of organizational skills and personality development.