This thirst of the people are on the increase, in spite of the comfort they enjoy today more than ever before.  Thus, the encounter of God or experience of God is urgent for our times in order to orientate human life in a holistic perspective, for human being is an embodied spirit.
Theology would invite students to addresses the burning issues of plurality of religions, diversity of cultures, and economic poverty of people.
This Postgraduate Programme in THEOLOGY would enlighten, enrich, and empower people to be in touch with God, world, and people, which will bring wholeness, fullness, and holiness in life.   In other words, it is to help people celebrate their life in the world in the company of God and the fellow beings.

Course Objectives:
a.To promote systematic, critical and contextual reflection of the world of God
b. To enhance the understanding of  the Word of God
c. To help investigate into the mysteries of God and mysteries of human life
d.  To enlighten the interrelatedness of God-world-human beings
e. To demonstrate the path of truth, goodness, and sacredness of life
f.  To help students address the issues of religious plurality, cultural diversity, and economic poverty
g. To help people live freely and faithfully.