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The Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) program at CHRIST University offers a dynamic and innovative approach to architectural education, focusing on creativity, critical thinking, and hands-on learning. Spanning five years, the curriculum combines studio and theory courses specifically tailored to architectural design. One of the distinctive features is the "Studio on Wheels," a mobile classroom that facilitates experiential teaching and learning. This unique pedagogical approach takes students to various geographic areas and community precincts, providing a global perspective on architectural practice.
The program places a strong emphasis on experiential learning, encouraging students to delve into in-depth exploration of social and environmental issues. Intensive studio sessions are designed to foster deeper understanding and discourse, creating a holistic learning experience. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to choose from a range of skill-based courses and electives, including carpentry, music, languages, AI, UI/UX, film making for architects, and alternate materials, allowing for a multidisciplinary approach to architectural design.
In addition to studio work, the curriculum encompasses entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and research, equipping students with the necessary skills for success in the field of architecture. The final year includes a design thesis and an internship semester, enabling students to engage with the architectural profession in a comprehensive manner. The program also emphasizes community engagement and social responsibility through activities like rural studio projects and outreach programs.

Collaboration with industry professionals is a key component, providing students with opportunities to work on real-world architectural projects and gain practical experience. The program encourages international exposure and cultural exchange through study abroad programs, enriching students' architectural education with global perspectives.
The overarching objectives of the program are to instill a deep understanding of architectural principles, cultivate logical and analytical skills within the context of design sciences, and promote values of empathy and community engagement. By fostering a culture of craftsmanship and practical expertise, the program prepares students for a profession that requires both creativity and technical proficiency.
In summary, the BArch program at CHRIST University offers a comprehensive and forward-thinking education in architecture, blending theory and practice while prioritizing creativity, critical thinking, and community engagement. Through unique features like the Studio on Wheels and a diverse range of electives, students gain a well-rounded and multidisciplinary perspective on architectural design. With a strong emphasis on experiential learning, industry collaboration, and social outreach, graduates are well-prepared for a successful career in the field of architecture.



Why choose this course?

  • Immersive architectural education through unique Studio on Wheels.

  • Industry projects, internships, building crucial professional relationships

  •  International exposure, enriching architectural education globally

  • Multidimensional perspective through AI, UI/UX, Art, Media electives

  • Social outreach, rural projects foster community responsibility in practice

  • Empathy-driven and logical skills for a successful architectural career


What you will learn?

  • Design Thinking: Foster innovative approaches to architectural challenges through creative problem-solving.
  • Technical Proficiency: Develop hands-on skills in drafting, modeling, and construction techniques.
  • Critical Analysis: Evaluate projects with precision, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Environmental Awareness: Prioritize sustainable design principles for eco-conscious architectural solutions.
  • Collaboration Skills: Excel in teamwork, essential for executing complex projects in a multidisciplinary setting.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Cultivate the ability to initiate, manage, and innovate in architectural practice.


  • Basics of manual/digital drafting, including line drawing and rendering.
  • Understanding local materials, their qualities, and workshops on specific.
  • Applying scale, proportion, and pattern to create objects or structural forms.

Year 1

  • Learning plans, elevations, sections, and adding material/tectonic details.
  • Documenting habitats in cultural settings and representing them graphically.
  • Introduction to surveying, reading survey drawings, and site mapping techniques.
  • Study of cultural context and material relevance in masonry structures.
  • Creating community-focused projects considering context, climate, and materials.
  • Converting 2D designs to 3D models for better visualization and presentation.

Year 2

  • Emphasis on scaling and detailing masonry design for practical execution.
  • Studying local materials and techniques for sustainable building practices.
  • Understanding site dynamics, climate, and socio-cultural factors for project planning.
  • Identifying elements that shape the site, both physical and experiential.
  • Utilizing tools for site data collection, workshops for deeper understanding.
  • Critical review of evolving ideas of institutions, campus premise selection.

Year 3

  • Understanding landscape characteristics.
  • Interrelating functions, form, space, and response to site for design.
  • Neighbourhood Planning, Initial considerations, community participation, resource management.
  • Explore urban issues through liberal arts & media.
  • Illustrate urban challenges across various aspects.
  • Identify critical issues in public spaces using mapping techniques. 


Year 4

  • Urban Case Studies for insights on public space design.
  • Define research topics and study existing resources.
  • Demonstrate design stages and address urban issues.
  • Hands-on experience in architectural drafting, modeling, and site supervision.
  • Maintaining a daily record of training activities for evaluation.
  • Presentation of training report, building study, material study, and detailing study.

Year 5

  • Conceiving and formulating design solutions, emphasizing critical inquiry.
  • Identifying area of interest, conducting site analysis, and presenting a project synopsis.
  • Workshop on literature review, research strategies, and scientific writing for architectural research.

Career prospects

  • Architectural Practice: Designing structures, homes, and spaces for clients, often in private firms or as independent practitioners.
  • Urban Planning: Shaping cities, neighborhoods, and public spaces for optimal functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics.
  • Construction Management: Overseeing building projects, ensuring they adhere to design plans, budgets, and timelines.
  • Interior Design: Crafting functional, aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces, considering layout, furnishings, and decor.
  • Sustainable Design: Focusing on eco-friendly architecture, incorporating energy-efficient technologies and sustainable materials.
  • Research and Academia: Conducting architectural studies, teaching at universities, and contributing to the field's evolving knowledge base.

Applicants may apply for the programme from 8th December 2023 when applications will be available online on the University website till the date applications will officially close.

All applicants must visit the page: and register by entering NAME (as printed on Class 10 Marks Card), EMAIL-ID and set a password.  (The email id and mobile number provided will be used for sending confirmation and application status-update messages). An applicant can apply for as many programmes using the same ID as long as the prescribed eligibility criteria for the specific programme is fulfilled.

Application Mode:

Online mode: To fill and submit application using online mode, log on to our website and click on “Admissions”, proceed to click on the Application Status followed by appstat link: In the confirmation page click, on ‘Applications’ and click on the preferred programme.

Guidelines to applicants:

Candidates should make sure that they enter the correct marks in the “previous qualification” field entry given in the online application form as this data will be carried forward for preparing the selection list. Any error in the marks entered will be treated as fraudulence/falsification of marks and the application will be rejected at any given time during the application/selection or admission process.

a) To fill the application you must have a copy of statement of marks of Class 10 and Class 11/12 (Mandatory). If written NATA or JEE Score 2024.

b) Fill-in all the details in the “detailed application” page. Scan and upload recent passport size photograph (3.5 cms x 4.5 cms formal dress with white background) and click “Submit”. On clicking Submit, a viewable and editable page will appear on screen. In case you need to make any corrections you may edit the data/details and then click “Confirm Submission”.

c) Make payment using card and after successful payment click on submit. A 9 (Nine) digit Application number will be generated. If unable to print the application form due to system/power/internet failure, logon to, under the “Application Status” page enter the registered Email-ID and password to view and print the application form. (After payment if you do not receive the 9 (Nine) digit application number, then your application process is incomplete and payment will go in for refund process. The refund will take about 15 days and must be checked with your bank).


Candidates falling under any of these categories (PIO / OCI / SAARC / AFRICA / ASEAN / OTHER FOREIGN NATIONALS) must send the required supporting documents (Copy of Passport, Copy of PIO / OCI card whichever is applicable and Copy of Class 10 & Class 11/12 Marks card) in an A4 size Envelope ONLY through Registered Post / Courier to: The Co-ordinator, Office of International Affairs, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Hosur Road, Bengaluru - 560 029, Karnataka, India, Phone: +91 80 4012 9439

  • All other candidates will have to carry the application printout, original documents and a set of photocopies to the selection process on the allotted date, time and venue mentioned on the selection process admit card.
  • All applicants must make note of the username and password, application number, programme applied for, selection process date and city for all further purposes.
  • All travel arrangements if necessary have to be made in advance.
  • The Important Dates section must be referred to prior to filling the application. Candidate has to report to the selection process venue in person as per the date chosen while filling the application online.
  • No request for change of date/city will be entertained.
  • Applicants applying while in their final year of schooling must carry the marks card upto the previous year when they report to the selection process venue. Documents to be carried are application printout along with the original class X and Class XI / XII marks cards. If written NATA Score 2024 photocopies.
  • Original marks cards and ID proof will be verified during the selection process.

Office of Admissions will communicate with the applicant only through university website under the link “Application Status” or click the link:

Candidates falling under any of the below mentioned categories must apply under the International Student Category:

  1. Foreign citizens,   
  2. PIO card holders and   
  3. OCI (Dual Citizens)

International students coming from Non-English speaking countries should:

  • produce evidence of passing the qualifying examination in English medium or   
  • have IELTS 6.0 with no sub-score below 5.5 or TOEFL (paper) 550, TOEFL (computer) of 213 or TOEFL (IBT) of 79 scores

Candidates without the above pre-qualifications will have to enroll either for

  • Intensive Certificate course in English Language (Full Time) conducted from March to May each year or   
  • One Semester Certificate course in English Language (Part Time) conducted after regular class hours from June to December.

Note: The International Student category fee structure is binding for the full duration of the programme and cannot be transferred /changed in between.

Candidates from the above listed categories having pursued Indian Educational qualification and who may have applied under the Indian States Category will have to pay the International Student Category Fee. The decision of the Admission committee is final.

Candidates seeking admission through International Student category (Foreign Nationals/PIO/OCI) will have a separate application process, with the following options to apply for any programme at Christ University.

  • Online Application form

Email ID for any clarifications:


Students are welcome to apply under the Non Resident Indian category for the programmes offered by the University

Students who fall under any of the following classifications can apply under NRI Student category and be liable to pay the fees applicable to the category for the entire duration of the programme

1. NRI defined under the Indian Income Tax Law

2. Either of the parents is outside India (except Nepal) on Work Permit / Resident Permit.

3. Indian citizen financed by any Institution / agency outside India, even if parents are Residents of India.

4. Indian Citizen who has pursued studies for qualifying examination in any foreign / Indian syllabus outside India..

5. NRI fee is applicable for the full duration of the programme for candidates who;
   5.1. Have pursued and completed their last qualifying exam from outside India.
   5.2. Are NRI and candidates who have applied under NRI category


Admission to all programmes is based on academic achievement and CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Selection Process. Candidates should submit the final results of class 12 on or before August 30th of the admission year.

Applicants must read through the Selection process, Fee Structure and other details under the preferred programme given on our website before proceeding with the application process.

Selection process results will be available on Selected candidates will receive an E-Offer of admission. The offer will be valid up to the date mentioned in the Offer of admission.
All selected candidates must note that admission is provisional and subject to University rules. This programme is a full time 5 years / 10 semesters offered at School of Architecture, Mysore Road, Kanmanike, Kumbalgodu Post, Bengaluru - 560 074 as per the stipulated date, time and venue mentioned in the offer of admission card. The classes for this programme will be conducted at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), School of Architecture, Mysore Road, Kanmanike, Kumbalgodu Post, Bengaluru - 560 074. For more details click the link:
Selected candidates must download the offer of admission on the ‘Application Status’ link on the University website.
To process admission
  1. Candidates must choose the preferred date and time from available options to facilitate a smooth admission process.
  2. Admission must be processed at the campus where the programme is offered as published in the offer of admission.
  3. As per UGC guidelines, fee payment has to be made through online mode.
  4. Payment options and details will be available in the Offer of admission.
  5. Fees for the first year including the Admission Registration fee must be paid in full as part of the admission process.
All original marks cards and one set of photocopies must be submitted for verification at the time of admission as mentioned below,
  1. Class 10 Marks Statement and Class 11/12 Marks Statement (Mandatory).
  2. Qualified NATA 2024 scorecard or JEE 2024 If written (Mandatory).
  3. Transfer Certificate (TC) of Class 12 from the last qualified institution must be submitted by 20 August 2024 (Mandatory).
  4. Migration Certificate of Class 12 (applicable for all candidates except Karnataka state board applicants) must be submitted by 20 August 2024 (Mandatory).
  5. One Stamp size and one passport size photograph formal dress with white background (Mandatory).
  6. Two Copies of the Online Payment Receipt (Mandatory).
  7. Copy of valid ID proof (Aadhar Card / Aadhar Enrolment Receipt / PAN Card / Voter ID Card).
  8. Candidates falling under any of these categories (NRI / PIO / OCI / SAARC / AFRICA / ASEAN / OTHER FOREIGN NATIONALS) have to submit:  a) Copy of Passport and Visa Details (Mandatory).
     a) PIO / OCI have to produce a copy of the PIO / OCI card whichever is applicable (Mandatory).
     b) Medical Fitness Certificate (MFC) from any recognized medical practitioner certified by the Medical Council of India and
     c) Resident Permit (RP) (If available while applying)
All mandatory documents must be submitted for verification during the admission process.
An undertaking for pending original documents unavailable currently [applicable only for candidates writing/passing their exam in March – June - 2024], must be submitted to the Office of Admissions. These documents must be submitted on or before 20 August 2024.
Failure to submit the pending documents will be treated as unsuccessful in the qualifying examination or considered “Not Eligible” and admission will be terminated from CHRIST (Deemed to be University) without any claim.
All admitted students must open an account at South Indian Bank, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Branch as part of the admission process and must carry relevant ID proof (Aadhar Card and Pan Card).
The University ID card is a smart card, which is both an ID cum ATM card with a chip containing the student personal details. All transactions within the University campus after commencement of classes, including fee payment will be processed only through this card. It is also an access card for Library and other restricted places.
Selected candidates who fall under International student category (ISC) should register with the Foreigner Regional Registration Officer (FRRO / FRO) of the Local Police in Bengaluru, India within 14 working days from the date of admission or arriving in Bengaluru.
The date of commencement of the academic Year 2024 will be intimated during the admission process.
Please Note:
I) The University does not collect any type of capitation/donation other than the fees mentioned on the website.
II) All those admitted to the programme will have to purchase a laptop at their own cost if required by the department.
III) Admitted students who wish to avail bank loan will be provided a recommendation letter on request by presenting the original fee paid receipt to the Office of Admissions.
IV) The decision of the admission committee is final and binding.
  • The University does not collect any type of Capitation / Donation other than the fee mentioned in the website.
  • If the Application is incomplete or incorrect, the University Management has the right to reject it.
  • Kindly do not send any original marks cards through post or courier.
  • All selected candidates must note that admission is provisional and subject to University rules.
  • Ignorance of the Terms, Conditions, and guidelines will not be considered as an excuse for non-fulfillment of any stipulated process.
  • It is to be noted that though the fee is fixed for 2 years, there will be a periodic nominal increase to meet the rise in costs.
  • Fees should be paid within the stipulated date for the first year and before the commencement of final examinations of the 2nd semester, 4th Semester, 6th Semester, and 8th Semester for the consecutive years.
  • All those admitted to the programme will have to purchase a laptop at their own cost.
  • Admitted student who wish to avail Bank Loan will be provided a recommendation letter on request by presenting the original fee paid receipt to the Office of Admissions.
  • The decision of the Admission Committee is final and binding.
For any queries at any given time during the application and admission process, you may contact us through the following Email ID’s:
Bangalore Central Campus
The Office of Admissions,
CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Hosur Road,
Bengaluru - 560 029, Karnataka, INDIA
Ph. No: +91 92430 80800
Ph. No:  +91 80 4012 9400
Email IDs
Indian candidates:
Bangalore Bannerghatta Road Campus
CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
Hulimavu, Bannerghatta Road,
Bengaluru - 560 076, Karnataka, INDIA
Ph. No:  080 4655 1306
Bangalore Kengeri Campus
CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
Kanmanike, Kumbalgodu, Mysore Road,
Bengaluru - 560 074, Karnataka, INDIA

Ph. No:  +91 80 4012 9800, 9802, 9820
Bangalore Yeshwanthpur Campus
CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
Nagasandra, Near Tumkur Road,
Bengaluru 560 073, Karnataka, INDIA

Ph. No:  +91 97422 44407, +91 80 6989 6666
Delhi NCR Campus
CHRIST (Deemed to be University),
Mariam Nagar, Meerut Road,
Delhi NCR Ghaziabad - 201003
Ph. No: 1800-123-3212
Pune Lavasa Campus
CHRIST (Deemed to be University),
Christ University Road, 30 Valor Court,
PO Dasve Lavasa, Mulshi, Pune - 412112, Maharashtra
Ph. No : 1800-123-2009,
Between: Monday to Friday: 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM, Saturday: 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
(Office remains closed on Sundays, Government Holidays and Any special events)


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