Trends in Culture and Tradition as Reflected in the Names of People

Suma K
Assistant Professor
Department of English Studies
CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
Bangalore, India

Executive Summary

This working paper presents an introduction to Onomastics, the scientific study of names. It identifies scope in this field with respect to study of names of people, more specifically in the Indian context. It looks at names of people in relation to culture and tradition. With the help of available readings from books and other sources and based on preliminary observation and consultation and discussions with friends and colleagues, the information here has been presented to serve the purpose of finding out the possibilities for further research in this area. Examples in this paper are limited to names form Kannada and Sanskrit. Taking off from the ideas presented in this paper aspiring researchers in this area could perhaps conduct more detailed analysis of data and phenomenon to arrive at reliable conclusions.


Year of Publication: June 2013
ISBN 978-93-82305-20-0
Working paper: Vol 7(2013-14)
Pages: vii, 20
Price: available on request
Funded by Centre for Research-Projects-CHRIST (Deemed to be University)