Major Research Project on Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Model for Socio-Economic and Environmental Protection

Major Research Project on Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Model for Socio-Economic and Environmental Protection

Dr Leena James

Associate Professor

Department of Management Studies

CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Bangalore – 560029




Co –Investigator

Dr Charles Savage

Department of Management Studies

CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Bangalore -560029





 Corporate India is a unique group of corporate organizations, who have been trying to build collectively and individually sustainable development concepts in their operations in the country. It is a matter of great pride that Corporate India includes some of the most innovative, some of the largest and the most progressive organizations in the world. The objectives of sustainable development rest within the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR), because unless the needs of society, both present and future, are served, sustainable development would remain only a myth. Hence the most significant step in pursuing CSR is to proactively protect the environment and the society.


Rationale and Scope of Study

The rationale of this study is to understand the concept of CSR and its practice among the Indian organizations. The present research attempts to understand the acceptability of CSR engagements by the Indian business and suggests a rational approach to a model that can be used for the Indian counterparts. This research has taken into consideration a time frame of three years for data accumulation i.e. 2008 to 2012.


Objective of the study

The main purpose of this project is to understand and explore the CSR dimensions and its practices and thereby develop a “sustainable CSR model”. The project is exploratory and descriptive rather than explanatory or predictive. Therefore, the objectives are:

1. To study the concept of CSR

2. To explore the sustainable CSR practices incorporated in the corporate agenda of the study companies

3. To study the socio- economic and environmental factors of CSR through case study analysis of selected companies and develop a model for Indian companies


This research study has used the intrinsic case study approach. The intrinsic case study approach is applicable to this research project because there are not many organizations committed to implement sustainability-based business models. Only such organizations that implement business models placing sustainability at the heart of their businesses or those leaders who have pioneered new business models that focus on sustainability were approached to participate in this research study.


The research identified the IT sector for a maximum level of contribution in terms of sustainable CSR. In the IT sector, the study has chosen three most reputed and prominent IT giants of Indian origin based on their sustainable CSR contributions. These three companies namely TCS, Wipro and Infosys have been selected because their contribution in the area of Corporate Social Initiatives are substantial and worthy of emulation by other companies. The data was collected from each of these companies using primary and secondary sources

The findings of the study would provide incremental knowledge on the sustainable practices of the IT companies on corporate responsibility. The results focused firstly on understanding the levels of CSR practices of top Indian IT companies through the initial Web Analysis. Secondly, the research went on to explore and gain deep insights on the practices of the companies through content analysis in the examined segments. Thirdly, the case study analysis explored the sustainable CSR engagements of the corporate and this led to a model building that the Indian corporate can emulate as well as encourage private public partnership (PPP) for CSR promotion.



Year of Publication: June 2014

ISBN   978-93-82305-69-9

Major Research Project: Vol 14

Pages    xiii, 161

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