The Effectiveness of Counselling

On Adolescents in Relation to Psychological Stress, Self-Concept, Adjustment and Educational Aspirations

Dr. (Fr.)  Varghese K J
Dr . G Venkatesh Kumar

In response to the demands of psycho-social competence and its ramifications in confronting adolescence amidst an emerging complex life, this book is based on an empirical study made by the researcher.  The work gives abroad perspective on the effectiveness of REBT counselling on adolescence in relation to psychological stress, self-concept, adjustment and educational aspiration.  The researcher has conceptualized and articulated the problem in depth, with clarity and diligence.  The purposive review of literature is done very comprehensively and earmarks the need and necessity for the present study by identifying the research gaps already existing in this emerging field

Year of Publication     2008
Published by             Centre for Publications, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
No. of Pages   , 198
Price                         Rs. 250 (HB), Rs. 150(PB)


Chapter I – Theoretical background
Chapter II-Research Procedure
Chapter III-Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Chapter-V-Summary and Conlusion