Fostering higher education

Fostering higher education - half a century in service

Edited by
P John Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Chacko Chennattuserry CMI
Kennedy Andrew Thomas
ISBN 978-81-933887-9-2

“Fostering higher education- half a century in service” is an edited volume of research papers published in commemoration of the 50 glorious years of educational service rendered by CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore.  The anthology contains 18 research papers authored by the Faculty of CHRIST who have rich teaching and research experience in their own fields of study and higher education in general.  Based on the best practices of CHIRST which is, in a way, their second home, the authors have envisioned a future for all the stakeholders of higher education. Seen superficially, the attempt to highlight and promote CHRIST’s academic and non-academic achievements to the world outside might seem egotistical.  But the real and altruistic purpose behind the exercise is to share CHRIST’s learning and experiences with all stakeholders of education. For, CHRIST’s staunch conviction rests on the common and collective mission of effecting change and that will forever remain unshakable.  The responsibility of creating a better world for our future generations of students is a collective responsibility and as educationists, this is our core mission.  At a time when manor educational reforms are contemplated upon, both at the national and global levels this edited volume may be a rich source of leaning for students, teachers at the tertiary level, administrators, leaders in colleges and universities, and the policymakers who are primarily responsible for shaping the future of the nation.