Thomas C Mathew - A Man for All Seasons:

This coffee table book is a rich tribute to Col Dr Fr Thomas C Mathew, CMI, an erudite scholar, an inspirational leader a great educational visionary who transformed Christ College, Bangalore from a fledgling institution to a colossus of international repute that is widely sought after today.  Fr Thomas joined Christ College in 1986. He played a pivotal role in building the institution as the Finance officer, as the Vice-Principal, as the Principal and as the Vice Chancellor.

CHRIST’s accomplishments in the various facets of its educational mission over the last three decades stand a tall testimony to Fr Thomas Mathew’s gigantic and charismatic leadership.  CHRIST’s success story is Fr Thomas Mathew’s life story

Through the book an attempt has been made to capture not only the beautiful, but the passionate and the symbiotic relationship that existed between CHRIST and its tallest leader Fr Thomas. In a way, it has been a joyous journey for us at CHRIST to experience the fruits of the extraordinary vision he had for CHRIST.
Through fragments of individual experiences, remembered by colleagues, students, friends and well-wishers we have tried to capture how that vision became reality.  Happy reading!!