Research Facilities


This Department is equipped with state of art laboratories and research facilities to impart knowledge for present and future technological requirements. The laboratories are more focused towards skill development by applying the knowledge imparted. Cloud computing and IoT integrated with Power systems, Signal Processing, Wireless networks, Renewable energy and High voltage Engineering are the thrust areas of research.


  • High voltage laboratory
  • IoT Laboratory
  • Renewable energy Laboratory
  • E-Mobility

Facilities available in the Department:

  • Software:MATLAB, ETAP
  • Hardware: 150kV Impulse generator, 100kV cascaded transformers, Solar Energy harvester and simulator, Wind energy harvester and simulator, Transducers, Overcurrent relay and circuit breakers

Research activity spans major verticals of the broad spectrum of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which include (but are not limited to):

  • Signal Processing and Wireless networks
  • Power system
  • IoT & Cloud computing in power systems
  • High voltage engineering
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Renewable Energy

Expert and Expertise

S.No. Research Expert Expertise No. of ongoing Research Scholars
1 Dr. Bercilin Jayaprabha Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems/ Energy Management Solar PV Systems 1
2 Dr. Joseph Rodrigues Digital Signal Processing applications/ Broadband communications 5
3 Dr. Usha Surendra Power System Stability/High Voltage 2
4 Dr. Varaprasad Janamala Power System optimization/ FACTS/ Distribution System/ Renewable Energy 2

Research Scholars:

S.No. Batch Name Area of Specialization Title of Research Status Name of the Supervisor
1 2012 Vijaya Margaret Power Systems Models for Load Forecasting and Demand Response Ongoing Completed 2018 Dr. Uma Rao K
2 2014 Amit Closepet Power Systems Strategy to manage power outage and optimize energy cost through supply and demand side management Ongoing Dr. Uma Rao K
3 2014 Nirmala John Power System Protection Out of Step Protection Scheme Based on PMU Enabled Dynamic State Estimation Ongoing Dr. Varaprasad Janamala Co-guide
Dr. Joseph Rodrigues
4 2016 Linu Lonappan Digital Signal Processing Energy Efficient Beamforming for Wireless Sensor Networks Ongoing Dr. Joseph Rodrigues
6 December 2018 Harish B N Renewable Energy Smart power Management Of the grid Using hybrid Generation Systems Ongoing Dr. Usha Surendra
7 December 2018 Sreenivasulu Reddy D Renewable Energy Smart Distributed System using Distributed Generation Ongoing Dr. Bercilin Jayaprabha
8 December 2018 Srinivasa D M High Voltage Engineering Analysis of Partial Discharge Phenomenon on composite Dielectrics for Power system Applications. Ongoing Dr. Usha Surendra
9 December 2018 Kamal Kumar U Renewable Energy Optimal Design of Smart Solar Power Tree and Its Techno-Economic Analysis Ongoing Dr. Varaprasad Janamala
10 December 2018 Udhyami M B Digital Signal Processing Ultra-wideband array for intelligent vehicular communication Ongoing Dr. Joseph Rodrigues
11 Thomas P J E-Mobility Signal Process Strategies for Wireless Sensor Network in Smart Electric Vehicles Energy Efficient Beamforming for Wireless Sensor Networks Ongoing Dr. Joseph Rodrigues

High Voltage Laboratory:
Solar Thermal Systems Laboratory
Renewable Energy Laboratory:
IoT Laboratory:
E - Mobility Research & Development Facility: