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Computers are the major part in today’s life. The rapid growth of information technology has made computer industry, one of the fastest growing segments. Comprehending the knowledge of computer enables the researcher to adapt to ever changing nature in the field of computer science. The competencies inculcated during the course can be transferred to other disciplines to enrich the content of various disciplines. Technology has become a need of the hour; it touches every sphere of human life in 21st century. The Ph.D. course aims to develop a dynamic researcher which enables them to adapt according to the ever changing needs in the field of computer science in the years to come. The main objective of the program is to develop disciplined computer professionals to find out new areas for innovations and make them self-reliant.


Machine Learning Laboratory


  • SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)
  • Analytical Open Source Tools
  • Matlab
  • Octave
  • Skylab
  • Mongo DB
  • HDFS
  • Hadoop Clusters
  • CISCO Tools
  • Python and R Package
  • NS2
  • Oracle Academy Tools

Research activity spans a broad spectrum of Computer Science and Engineering subjects, which include (but are not limited to):

Partnering with academic/industry researchers is a key part of research and development activities, as the idea of the "gap" between researches performed in academia and its translation into innovative ideas leads to an effective research and a common outcome. Some of our collaborations are listed in tables below:

  • Algorithm Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Graphics, Vision & Game Sciences
  • Data Warehousing
  • Deep Learning
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Expert Systems
  • Human Machine Interaction (HMI)
  • Information Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Networks and Security
  • Robotics
  • Semantic Interoperation using Ontologies
  • Service oriented Architecture
  • Software Principles
  • Theory of Computation

Research Expert and Expertise

S.No. Research Experts Expertise No.of ongoing Research Scholars
1 Dr. Ajit Danti Image Processing and Computer Vision 2
2 Dr. Aruna S K Networks and Security -
3 Dr. A V N Krishna Networks and Security/ Mathematical Modeling 2
4 Dr. Balachandran K Data Science/Artificial Intelligence 4
5 Dr. Balamurugan M Privacy Preservation/ Computer Architecture 2
6 Dr. (Fr.) Benny Thomas Data Science / Computational Science/ Social Networks -
7 Dr. Daniel D Cloud Computing -
8 Dr. Diana Jeba Jingle I Internet of Things/ Networks and Security -
9 Dr. Ganesh Kumar R Data Mining/ Cloud Computing / Data Science 2
10 Dr. Gnana Prakasi O S Networks / Internet of Things /Machine Learning -
11 Dr. Jaya pandian N Cloud Computing -
12 Dr. Julian Benadit P Machine Learning /Web Caching / Internet of Things -
13 Dr. Jyothi Thomas J Data Mining / Machine Learning -
14 Dr. Manohar M Machine Learning/Big Data analytics 1
15 Dr. Natarajan K Software Testing / Networks and Security -
16 Dr. Raju G Image Processing and Computer Vision 1
17 Dr. Raghavendra S Data Mining / Machine Learning -
18 Dr. Rekha V Networks and Security/ cloud computing -
19 Dr. Samiksha Shukla Data Science/ Data Mining 2
20 Dr. Sundara Pandiyan S Natural Language Processing -

Research Scholars

S.No. Batch Scholar Research Domain Title of Research Status Supervisor
1 2011 Mr. Maki Matandiko Rutakemwa Optimization Techniques Real-time Optimization of Cloud-Based Wireless Sensor Networks using cloud computing for smart embedded systems Ongoing Dr. Iven Jose
2 2011 Mr. N. Ramakrishna Software Engineering Process Model for Predicting the level of Risk in the Software Process and Project Management Ongoing Dr. Balachandran K
Co-Guide: Dr.Girija Amma
3 2012 Mr. Raghavendra Swamy H Optimization Techniques Planning Algorithms For Heterogeneous Platform Optimization Ongoing Dr. Raviprakash
4 2012 Mrs. Samiksha Shukla Computational Science Development of Computation Technique using Secure Multi-party Computation Protocols Completed In 2015 Dr. G. Sadashivappa
5 2013 Mrs.Roopashree H R Network Security Design of an Efficient Protocol for Secured Energy Efficient Routing in Large Scale WSN Completed in 2018 Dr. Anita Kanavalli
6 2013 Mr. Kukatlapalli Pradeep Kumar Information Security Secure Provenance based Communication using Encryption Techniques Ongoing Dr. Ravindranath C cherukuri
7 2014 Mr. Boppuru Rudra Prathap Machine Learning Spatio Temporal Analysis on Social Media data Ongoing Dr. K. Ramesha
8 2014 Mrs. Sujatha A K Machine Learning Anomaly Detection in Online Social Media Ongoing Dr. J.B Simha
9 2015 Ms. Chintureena Thingom Cloud Computing Effective Load Balancing To Enhance The Performance Of Cloud Computing Ongoing Dr. Ganesh Kumar R
10 2015 Mrs. Gokulapriya R Data Mining Behavior modelling approach for identity management system using integrated data mining techniques Ongoing Dr. Ganesh Kumar R
11 2015 Mr. Michael Moses T Computer Vision Semantic Summarization of Surveillance Videos through Performance and Learning framework. Ongoing Dr. Balachandran K
12 2015 Mr. Sibu Cyriac Network Security An Approach To Device Level Security For Constrained Devices Used In Internet Of Things Based Health Care Systems For Monitoring Patient With Chronic Conditions Ongoing Dr. Balachandran K
13 2016 Mr. Bijeesh T V Image Processing Surface Water Delineation And Analysis Using Multi-Spectral Image Processing Techniques Ongoing Dr. Narasimhamurthy K N
14 2016 Mrs. Vairale Vaishali Sheshrao Network Security Development of secured personalized diet and exercise Ongoing Dr. Samiksha Shukla
15 2017 Mr. Chinthakunta Manjunath Web Technology Web vulnerabilities Ongoing Dr. Balamurgan
16 June 2018 Ms. Sincy John Image Processing Investigation of 3D Faces For Forensic Analysis Using Digital Image Processing Techniques. Ongoing Dr. Ajit Danti
17 Dec-2018 Mr. Yong Woon Kim IoT, Computer Vision IoT security using Block chain Ongoing Dr. Addapalli V N Krishna
18 Dec-2018 Mrs. Affreen Ara Machine Learning Sentiment Prediction of music lyrics using Machine Learning Ongoing Dr. Raju G
19 Dec-2018 Mrs. Ancy P R Network Security A Secure Email Transfer Based on Secret Sharing - SMAIL Ongoing Dr. Addapalli V N Krishna
20 Dec-2018 Mrs. Dilna Vinod cloud security Data integrity checking without third party Ongoing Dr. Balamurugan
21 Dec-2018 Mrs. Girija L Sannellappanavar Data Science Case Study of analytical tools and methods in the field of Life science Ongoing Dr. Samiksha Shukla
22 Dec-2018 Mrs. Priya V V IoT and Big Data Analytics Novel approach to analyze the IoT systems using data mining techniques Ongoing Dr. Manohar M
23 Dec-2018 Mrs. Saba Tahseen Machine learning and pattern recognition Analysis of human psychological and physiological behavior based on machine learning Ongoing Dr. Ajit Danti
24 Dec-2018 Mr. Denny Dominic Data Science Medical Disease prognosis using text mining based on natural language processing Ongoing Dr. Balachandran K

Machine Learning Laboratory
Iot Laboratory