Research Facilities


The Department of Civil Engineering is established to cater to the needs of modern Civil Engineering fields. The doctorate programme aims to develop dynamic researchers which enable them to adapt according to the ever changing needs in the field of Civil Engineering in the years to come. The Department has excellent facilities for carrying out teaching, research and consultancy activities in various disciplines of Civil Engineering.

Research Laboratories:

  • Concrete Technology Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Material Testing Laboratory
  • Structural Engineering Laboratory
  • Structural Dynamics Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting Laboratory
  • Highway Engineering Laboratory
  • Survey Laboratory

Facilities Available in the Department:

  • Accelerated curing tank
  • Semi-automatic brick making machine
  • Loading frame
  • Materials testing laboratory
  • Software available: AutoCAD, Rivet architecture, ETABS, ANSYS AND ABACUS
  • Universal testing machine, compressive testing machine
  • Ball Mill
  • Total station and Auto plotter
  • Los Angeles abrasion testing machine
  • Marshall stability test apparatus
  • Automatic compactor for bituminous mix
  • Benkelman beam with digital gauge

Research activity spans a broad spectrum of Civil Engineering areas namely:

  • Civil Engineering Materials
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Highway Engineering.
  • Structural Engineering.
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Disaster Management
S.No. Research Expert Expertise No of Ongoing Research Scholars
1 Dr.Aravind H B Composite shear wall, instability analysis of fibre composite plates, BIM, mitigating risks in construction management using fuzzy logic Nil
2 Dr.Beulah M Sustainable materials, concrete structures 1
3 Dr.Hossiney Nabil Jalall Highway materials 1
4 Dr.Narasimha Murthy K N Image processing, sustainable materials 1
5 Dr.Shibu K Mani Disaster risk management (DRM), sustainable development analytics (SDA) 1
6 Dr.Sujatha Unnikrishnan Finite element analysis, seismic response of structures, structural masonry, construction materials 3
7 Dr.Uppaluri Sirisha Geomatics and water resources Nil

Research Scholars:

S.No. Batch Name Area of Specialization Title of Research Status Name of the supervisor
1 2012 Raghunandan Kumar R. Structural Engineering Passive control of four storeyed Reinforced Concrete Structure subjected to blast load Ongoing Dr.G.R.Reddy
2 2017 Antony Varghese Structural Engineering Behaviour of coconut fiber reinforced beam column joints Ongoing Dr.Sujatha Unnikrishnan
3 2017 Thejas H K Waste Management Characterization and strength assessment of iron ore composite bricks Ongoing Dr.Hossiney Nabil Jalall
4 2018 Banela Kuruva Viswanath Structural Engineering A study on properties of floating concrete by partial replacement of coarse aggregate with elastomeric rubber particles Ongoing Dr.Beulah M
5 2018 Boreddy Surya Prakash Reddy Environmental engineering Low-cost grey water treatment and reuse techniques Ongoing Dr.Shibu K Mani
6 2018 Sudhir M R Structural Engineering Structural health monitoring of buildings Ongoing Dr.Sujatha Unnikrishnan
7 2018 Renitha T V Structural Engineering Study of behaviour of concrete filled double layer fiber reinforced polymer tube columns subjected to axial and lateral loads Ongoing Dr.Sujatha Unnikrishnan

S.No. Working Topic Faculty Project Funded by Status
1 Value addition in mine waste tailings through geo-polymer formation Prof. Raghunandan Kumar & Dr. Beulah Ministry of Mines 2014 - 2017 (extended) 12 Lakhs Ongoing
2 Value addition in waste foundry sand from Belgaum foundry cluster and red mud from Hindalco for use as a low cost civil construction material Dr. Beulah DST 2018-2021 20.5 Lakhs Ongoing

Concrete Technology Laboratory
Structural Engineering Laboratory
Material Testing Laboratory
Environmental Engineering Laboratory