FAQ on BCom International Finance:

1.What is unique about the programme titledBCom International Finance (IF)?
BCom IF integrates the syllabus of CPA, US and CFA,US (first level) in its curriculum. This incorporation of syllabus provides a rare opportunity for students to have higher career aspirations to perform well both in placements and post graduate studies in globally ranked universities.

2.How different is the course Vis –a- Vis other programmes of BCom offered at Christ University?
Each of the BCom and BBA programme at Christ University is a distinct vertical designed to meet the stake holder expectations.Forinstance,BCom Professional is unique due to its strong orientation towards management accountancy, while BBA F&A leans towards Financial Accounting,Taxation and Global laws.Both aforesaid programmes conform with UK laws,norms and practices; BCom IF is profoundly US norms and practices.All these programmes of BCom and BBA are conceived and structured as per the broader guidelines of UGC,whichincludeseven the recent CBCS design.

3.What are the prospects ofBCom IF?
A student pursuing regularBCom upon placement in an audit/accounts and finance firm finds his/her career progression tough within a year of placement.The firms as part of the retention strategy offer professional courses such as CPA and CFA to enable continuity of service.The conditional offer would be very expensive.A student with Bcom IF would have a better chance with CPA/CFA in procuring a differential placement and a totally different career trajectory.

4.Is there any compulsory Add-on Course with BCom IF?
Students have to study only the integrated courses – CPA and CFA.They do not have to do any non-core choice based credit programoffered by Christ University.

5.What are the professional courses integrated in BCom IF?
CPA and CFA (first level)

6.When do the classes happen?
The classes for BCom IF start at 6.30 a.m.At 10.a.m they will have activity hour.From 11.a.m practical classes and training, after which support sessions for CPA/CFA would be held till 1.0 p.m.

7.Does the programme enjoy any exemptions from the professional courses it has tied up?
No.Since the number of professional papers are limited,department has not proceeded towards claiming exemptions.

8.Are there any similar courses/programmes in India at undergraduate levels?
To the best of knowledge of the department, Christ University is the only university offering CPA/CFA at undergraduate level.

9.Is there any compulsory internship?
Internship is optional. Since the programme is highly rigorous internship beyond 1 month is not recommended.

10.Can a student opt out of the integrated courses?
No. Students have to go through integrated courses, though failure to clear the integrated course would no way deny the prospects of course completion nor in obtaining the BCom IF degree.

11.Does the student enjoy any flexibility in taking the integrated professional exam?
Yes.Student has the absolute freedom to decide when to take the integrated professional exams of CPA/CFA. However, we recommend the students to seek the expert advice tendered by the department in consultation with the concerned bodies.

12.Will the failure of integrated course completion disqualify the student from getting BCom IF degree?

13.Is there any inhouse training available for integrated courses?
Yes. Though the syllabus of professional courses of CPA/CFA is integrated, the department would still impart bridge course and remedial courses to facilitate students to take up the exams.

14.Is it in-house faculty members who engage the integrated courses?
The department has tenured full time faculty,adjunct faculty and professional coaches.The integrated courses would be handled mostly by professional coaches.

15.What is the scope of differential placements?
Most of the corporates do not have fancy budgets for training today.They are on the lookout for qualified trained graduates for ready reckoning.

16.Will the universities abroad give any weightage for a programme like B Com IF?
Universities abroad give a lot of importance to students who have undergone CPA/CFA curriculum.This is mostly true with universities in US. The chances of admission are several times high for BCom IF students.

17.Would there be any clash between Mid-Semester/End-semester exams of Christ university Vis-à-vis integrated professional courses that the students study?
The Mid semester and end semester exams are planned accordingly that the clash is avoided.However,students will have to adjust with the rescheduled regular classes as per the exam requirements of integrated professional courses.