Recent years have witnessed a resurgence of interest in understanding Psychology from a new perspective, emphasizing new languages of interpreting human phenomena which goes beyond the culture-free generalizations. Psychology documents the possibilities of rediscovering the diversity of coherent and culturally plausible accounts of human action in an interdisciplinary fashion. This initiative reorients the subject matter of psychological science recognising that human behaviour is culturally embedded.

Department of Post Graduate Studies in Psychology, Christ College, Bangalore brings life to this vision by providing a platform with a fine mix of theoretical and practical happenings spread across the Perspective magazine. Perspective has taken a new form from a newsletter to a magazine, designed with the objective of approaching psychological discourse and culture in a holistic rather than in a compartmentalised manner. A close scrutiny of the world of Psychology will reveal the dilemmas, crises and issues of the discipline which further throw light and insights into the field. This process catalyses the practice of constructing an academic culture and plays a crucial role in carrying forward the debates in Psychology.

Perspective targets the academic audience in a student-friendly way to make them more sensitive to the trends and strands which exist in the field. Taking part in the changing intellectual scene in Psychology will open new vistas to approach and examine the discipline in a creative and constructive manner. Thus Perspective aims at contributing to the new views of knowledge, new modes of inquiry and alternatives to understanding contemporary Psychology.

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