Curriculum Structure (2 years)

MSc HRDM CHRIST (Deemed to be University) with MA BOP Steinbeis (Germany)



Delivery Method

Modular Teaching Style

Blend of Classes, Self-directed research and internship along with On-line learning

No. of papers: 14 papers and 1 Project Study Work

Course Framework

Curriculum Plan (CP): Papers that would be taught throught the two-year of the programme

Self-Learning process (SLP): Engaging the learner on the 4 C’s (Content Mastery, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration)

Reading List (RL): Min of 100 Journal Articles to engaged with preferably from A Class Journals list

On-line Learning Platform (Activity Tool Box) (engages learner using Audio, Visual and Cognitive learning)

On-Field Activity (OFA): Engaging with the work spaces to transfer skills learnt within the class

Continuous Professional development (CPD): Engaging students on continuous professional development through profile management, engaging in communicating with professional audience.

Group Study Day (GSD): Individual interaction with Supervisors and personal fedback and development through the progress of research

Project Study Work (PSW): A master thesis that will be worked on from the beginning of the semester through the programme

Career Coaching Session (CCS) (GERMANY)

Field Trips (FT) (1 per semester): Industrial Visits for more practical understanding of dynamics within different sectors.



Introduction and Methods

  • Business Psychology
  • Organizations in a market economy
  • Sustainability approach
  • Research methods

Organizational Behaviour

  • Principles of organizational design
  • Individual differences
  • Dimensions of individual behaviour

Organizational Consulting and Development

  • Team, Organizations and culture analysis
  • Organizational consulting
  • Organizational Development

The Psychology of Change in Organizations

  • Business coaching
  • Change management

Business Psychology 1

  • General Psychology
  • Differential/Personality Psychology
  • Social Psychology

Business Psychology II

  • Psychological Diagnosis
  • Occupational aptitude diagnostics
  • Crisis and conflict management

Introduction to HRM I

  • Strategic HRM
  • Performance and talent management
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Knowledge and service workers

Introduction to HRM II

  • Leadrship
  • Diversity management
  • Demography and life cycle-oriented HRM
  • Occupational helath and workers

Market and Advertising Psychology

  • Psychology of demand and consumer behaviour
  • Marketing and advertising Psychology
  • Case Studies

HR Administartive and Labour Law

  • Administrative Policies
  • Labout law Practices

HR Accounting, Finance and Analytics

  • Accounting practices in HR
  • Finance and management
  • HR Analytics

Mind Cognition and Neuroscience

  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Cognition at work

Managing Well-being at work

  • Counselling in Organization
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Managing mental Health issue at work

Managerial Economics

  • Macro and Micro economics
  • Demand Analysis and Forecasting in Business
  • Employment and Labour market

Master Thesis

Attendance : 85%  mandatory

Evaluation Pattern

Formative Assessment – Continuous through the learning process

Summative Assessment – Case studies