Programme Outcomes (PO) for M.Sc Psychology

By the end of the programme students will be able to demonstrate competencies in the following :

PO1 Disciplinary Knowledge:
PO2 Critical Thinking
PO3 Research Skills
PO4 Communication and social Interaction:
PO5 Effective Citizenship
PO6 Ethics
PO7 Environment and Sustainability


Programme Description
The Department of Psychology offers a two-year full-time M Sc program in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology. Keeping pace with the disciplinary advances the program would address knowledge about psychological functioning at individual and social levels in an all-encompassing manner. With the goal of acquiring specialized knowledge, the program would allow students to nurture their academic interest in clinical psychology, along with personal growth and awareness. The spirit of interdisciplinary growth is kept in view while conceptualizing a three-tier system- A) CORE COURSES in the first three  PG semesters (courses, which can be considered to be fundamental in giving PG students a larger perspective of Psychology as a social science discipline, irrespective of specialization); B) SPECIALIZATION COURSES (specific theory courses within the subject of Clinical Psychology); and C) ELECTIVE COURSES ( a wide variety, across all disciplinary specializations, primarily conceptualized by individual faculties (based on their own interest/expertise), offered from time to time and chosen by students according to their preference. The program would strive to prepare competent professional psychologists who would excel in knowledge, orientation, and practice in psychology, with high ethical standards and social relevance. 


Programme objectives :

  • Employ skills and competencies required for practicing as a clinical psychologist.
  • Conduct research in the area of clinical psychology relevant to practise needs
  • Have an adequate grasp of the ethical standards of the profession and apply them in their practice

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
PSO1 Scientist-Practitioner Approach
PSO2 Role Knowledge
PSO3 Functional Competencies
PSO4 Reflective Practice
PSO5 Ethical Practice
PSO6 Interpersonal and Inter-disciplinary relationships


Open Electives