Blossoms 2017-18 Organised by Deanery of Humanities and Social Sciences

Here is a ready reckoner for events, venues and persons in charge:

  1. Rangoli-  Block I corridor (2nd floor)

Arul Gaspar (Eng), Bharati (Social Work),Vijaya R (Psy) Mary (Social work)

  1. Painting- Room 101,

Arya (Eng), Rathi (Languages), Sebastian K A (Lang), Abilash Chandran (Eng)

  1. Pot Art/Painting- Room 102

Anupama Nayar (Eng), Yuvaraj (Psycho), George Joseph (Lang)

  1. Poster Painting- Room 117

Sumita Rao (Education), Rithi Baruah (Psy), Jayasankara Reddy (Psy)

  1. Cartooning- Room 116

Godwin (Eco), Santhosh C (Eco), Amaresha (Social Work), Hemalatha K (Social Work)

For any infrastructure support, contact - Block in Charge - David (ph- 9620125757)

Those who have registered for the events read the attached event rules carefully and adhere to the time limit.

Your wholehearted participation and enjoyment is very important for us.

So See you there at Block 1 tomorrow at 4pm!

Good Wishes!

DOHSS Blossoms 2017-18 Arts Team