Research Facilities

The Deanery of Faculty of Engineering was started in the year 2009. It aims at establishing world-class research facilities and to serve societal needs as learned members. This is deliberately attained through excellence in passion-driven research which caters to the global needs and technology transfer by uniting researchers for the betterment of humanity.
The engineering deanery houses well-equipped research facilities. These laboratories are the foundations for a hands-on, project-rich education for undergraduate& post graduate students, Ph.D. scholars and the cornerstone for many successful faculty research initiatives. The laboratories are set up with the objective to motivate and encourage scholars to take up research projects, based on their innovative ideas.

  • Attract passionate student body for encouraging research from diverse environment
  • Provide environment for holistic approach and ethical research aptitude.
  • Establish overseas collaboration for promotion of projects between international universities.
  • Encourage multi-disciplinary research by supporting internal university grants.
  • Focus on external funded projects.
  • Refine knowledge enrichment through keeping in pace with global advancements.
  • Prepare scholars to be self-realized citizens and technocrats.


Partnering with academic/industry researchers is a key part of research and development activities, as the idea of the "gap" between researches performed in academia and its translation into innovative ideas leads to an effective research and a common outcome. Some of our collaborations are listed in tables below :

MoU Industry
Department of Mechanical & Automobile Engineering
S.No. MoU with (full address) Date Status
1 Christ and Renault Nissan Automotive India (P) Ltd, Chennai, India) 11/06/2012 Active
2 Christ and FESTO DIDACTIC 13/06/2012 Active
3 I Three InfoTech Pvt Ltd and Faculty of Engineering, Christ University, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 26/11/2012 Active
4 Elite Techno Groups Jaipur, Rajasthan, India and Faculty of Engineering, Christ University, Bengaluru, India 13/02/2015 Active
5 Christ and Tech Mahindra 27/04/2016 Active
6 Christ and Tata Advanced Materials Ltd, Bangalore 18/01/2016 Active
7 Christ and BOSCH Limited 13/07/2016 Active
8 Christ and Mechwell industries Ltd 26/06/2016 Active
9 Christ and Mercedes Benz Research and Development India Pvt Limited 11/08/2017 Active
10 Christ and IEEE and SAFRAN Engineering Services 21/08/2018 Active
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
1 TI University Program (EdGate Technologies, Bangalore) 25/09/2014 Active
2 Eldaas Technologies Pvt Limited, Bangalore 08/12/2017 Active
3 Vivartan Technologies 29/03/2019 Active
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
1 CISCO 07/05/2015 Active
2 Tech Mahindra 27/04/2016 Active
3 Oracle Academy 25/07/2017 Active
4 LG Soft India Private Limited (LGSI) 12/03/2019 Active
MoU-University - Faculty of Engineering
S.No. MoU with (full address) Date Status
1 Agreement of cooperation between Fachhochschule Wurzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany and Christ College, Bangalore, India 15/11/2007 Active
2 The Catholic University of America & Christ University, India 4+1 Program 16/10/2012 Active
3 The Catholic University of America & Christ University, India 2+2+1 Program 07/12/2012 Active
4 Christ University, India & Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea 21/02/2013 Active
5 Automotive Research Association of India 28/04/2016 Active

Currently this Deanery encompasses five Engineering Disciplines with the state of the Art Research Facilities

1.Civil Engineering
2.Computer Science and Engineering
3.Electrical and Electronics Engineering
4.Electronics and Communication Engineering
5.Mechanical and Automobile Engineering