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Sl.No. Title Name of Periodical Periodicity Date
1 Tallitandrulu mariyu vayovrudhula sankshema chattam: pariseelana Bhavaveena Monthly 14/07/2021
Sl.No. Title Name of Journal Date of Publication Volume No/Issue No/Page No
Sl.No. Title URL Subject Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Book Title Title of Book ISBN Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Book Title of Chapter/Article ISBN Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Book Title Title of Case Study ISBN Month Year
Sl.No. Title Abstract Objectives Type Sponsors
Sl.No. Title Place of Publication ISBN No. Month Year
Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Moderator/Chair Traversing The Contours Of Developments In Indian Constitutionalism 23/01/2020 Christ University National
2 Seminar Participant Law and Economics: Banking Competition and Effiency 07/12/2013 Chanakya National Law University National
3 Seminar Presenter Ever Greening of Patents (Patents v.Patients) Trips Agreement and Misconception 10/05/2013 Chanakya National Law University National
4 Seminar Presenter Intellectual Property Rights:Issues and Challenges Misconceptions Over Monopolistic Nature of IPRs 27/12/2011 Berhampur University, Odisha National
5 Seminar Presenter Intellectual Properties Rights and Human Rights The Protection of Plant varieties and Farmers Rights Act-2001: An appraisal 26/04/2011 The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University with Intellectual property Association ,Chennai. National
6 Seminar Participant Child Rights-A Human Rights Perspective 27/03/2011 Andhra University, Visakhapatnam National
7 Seminar Presenter Administration of Criminal Justice System:Operational Problems in practice Offences Against State:Some Reflections 19/02/2011 Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh National
8 Seminar Participant Future of Andhra Pradesh in Federal India 20/01/2011 Andhra University, Visakhapatnam National
9 Seminar Presenter Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in 21st Century Gandhian Philosophy:Pros&Cons 08/10/2010 Maharaja's College with Gandhian Studies Centre, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. National
10 Seminar Presenter Terrorism and Human Rights Hard Crimes and Soft Justice:Can they Co-exist 28/02/2009 Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh. National
11 Seminar Participant Environmental protection and Climate Security(Low Carbon Futures) 25/03/2008 Association of British Scholars,Visakhapatnam with British Council, Chennai National
12 Seminar Presenter Law and Environment Promote More Environmental Awareness 15/03/2008 Acharya Nagarjuna University National
13 Seminar Presenter Consumer Protection and Consumer Welfare Hazards of Tobacco Consumption-Rural Consumers 19/03/2007 Acharya nagarjuna University National
14 Seminar Presenter Intellectual Property Rights& Related Issues New Patent Law-Not A Threat,But an Opportunity to Indian Pharma Industry 24/03/2006 Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra pradesh National
15 Seminar Participant Contemporary Environmental Problems of Urban Areas 13/03/2006 Association of British Scholars & Andhra University,Visakhapatnam. National
Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
Sl.No. Title Genre Producer Copyrights
Sl.No. Title Guide Name Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title of Invention Inventor(s) Filing Date
Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
Sl.No. Name of the Conference/Seminar Name of Organiser Level Date
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Role Date
1 Faculty Development Programme-1 Christ [Deemed to be University] Institutional Participant 16/06/2021
2 Hybrid Teaching Staff Development College. Participant 02/03/2021
3 Developing future ready legal education-design/engage/access/impact/lead School of Law, Christ University Institutional Participant 11/01/2021
4 Air pollution- a global threat to our health. University of Copenhagen International Participant 01/07/2020
5 Children's human rights- Interdisciplinary introduction Coursera -University of Geneva International Participant 01/07/2020
6 Feminism and social justice. Coursera International Participant 24/05/2020
7 Quality pmprovement program on online teaching Academic staff college. Participant 22/04/2020
8 Outcome -Based Pedagogical Practices and Evaluation Techniques Academic Staff College Participant 11/11/2019
9 Outcome -Based Pedagogical Practices and Evaluation Techniques Academic Staff College Participant 05/11/2019
10 Pedagogical Practices & Evaluation Practices in Teaching Academic Staff College Institutional Participant & Presenter 27/05/2019
11 Pedagogical Practices & Evaluation Practices in Teaching Academic Staff College Institutional Participant & Presenter 20/05/2019
12 One Day Training Programme on Human Rights for Teachers/Principals/Educational Officers Chanakya National Law University, Patna National Participant 18/03/2017
13 2nd Refresher Course in Law Academic Staff College Participant 24/02/2016
14 Research Methodology and Statstical Package for Social Sciences(SPPS) NIFT Patna, Oxford University Press, Cnlu Patna. National Participant 07/11/2015
15 Curriculam Planning for Post-Graduate Legal Education,Teacher Training and Research IBA-CLE Chair, NLISU, Bangalore In association with Chanakya National Law Universityy, Patna National Participant 02/12/2013
16 Basic Course on Teaching of Evidence Law National Law University, Delhi National Participant 18/06/2013
17 Training Programe for Trachers in 'International Humanitarian law' University College of of Law, Osmania University, Hyderabad & International Committee of The Red Cross,New Delhi National Participant 19/08/2011
18 Training Programe on Human Rights Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Law College,Andhra Univeristy In Collaboration with National Human Rights Commission,New Delhi h National Participant 10/12/2010
19 Capacity Development For Researchers in Consumer Welfare and Protection Ambedkar Law College, Andhra University in Collaboration With Indian Institute of public Administration, new Delhi National Participant 27/06/2010
20 Refresher Course in the Subject: Patent Laws&IPR Academic Staff College Participant 25/08/2009
21 3-Week Refresher Course in Law Academic Staff College Participant 25/05/2007
22 UGC Sponsored Refresher Course National Law School of India University Participant 01/02/2002
Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 PULSE 10 KM RUN In recognition of successfully completing the Pulse 10 KM Run Christ University 21 July 2019
2 NCC National Level Camp in the Year 1982 The Candidate has undergone NCC National Level Camp "All India Trekking Expedition Pirpanjal-82" National Cadet Corps 14 June 1990
3 Secured NCC - B Certificate in the year 1983 Secured NCC - B Certificate The Ministry of Defence, Government of India 01 February 1990
4 The Candidate has undergone Annual Training Camp in the year 1982 Organised by NCC The Candidate has undergone Annual Training Camp Organised by NCC. National Cadet Corps 17 January 1990
5 Acted as an Subject Expert for Conducting Interview For Assistant Public Prosecutors . Acted as an Subject Expert for Conducting Interview For Assistant Public Prosecutors Bihar Public Service Commissin,Patna 23 October 2016
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