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Lyceum, PG Association of Department of International Studies and History hosted its Inauguration Ceremony along with the inauguration of Rendezvous, the Foreign Students’ Cell on 18th June, 2018 at 2pm. It marked the beginning of all the student activities and events hosted by Lyceum.

The event began by the lighting of lamp to seek the blessings of Almighty, which was followed by an Invocation Dance by 3MAIS. The welcome address was given by Dr. Madhumati Deshpande, Coordinator, Department of International Studies and History in which she talked about the importance of creating a bond between the juniors and the seniors, so the new incoming batch gets to learn from the experiences and mistakes of the senior batch. This was followed by an inaugural address by Father Jose CC, Director, Student Affairs, where he talked about the importance of having a PG Association in order to take learning beyond the classroom teaching.

In order to brief the new batch of students, Lakshmi Sri Reddy of 3MAIS presented a short summary about what is Lyceum, what are the activities and events hosted by the Association and what future plans it has outlined for the Department.
This was followed by a beautiful dance performance by the new batch of 1MAIS as a token of their appreciation for the Department and the Association.
Another important part of the Department is the Foreign Students’ Cell, Rendezvous, which is a Forum of foreign students of the department committed to providing assistance to International students in order to develop an understanding on academic, cultural and fraternity building of foreign students representing varied multicultural background from various countries across the world.Ahmad Salimy, of 3MAIS, belonging to Afghanistan, spoke about the activities conducted as a part of Rendezvous, such as Agoreou or literally, “I speak in public”, which seeks to actively involve the international students in academic researchesby presenting various topics related to their areas of interests.

In order to get to know the foreign students of the department better, they were invited to speak a few words on themselves and the country they belong to.
This was followed by a short clip on the Department of International Studies and History, which includes both UG (HEP & EPS) and PG (MAIS) courses. The clip showcased pictures and videos of all the activities, events, fests, and guest lectures hosted by the Department till now.
To express the Department’s heartfelt welcome to the incoming batch, the senior batch distributed welcome gifts to the junior batch of MAIS.

The event ended with an informal dance session where the juniors and seniors danced together, and a group picture of the entire Department was taken.


Venue: Central Block, Room no. 911

Date: 18-7-2018

Time: 12-1 pm

AGOREU is an academic fest for the international students in the department of international studies and history. The event was organised by Rendezvous foreign student’s cell. It was inaugurated by Dr J. W Lobo, Father Jose C.C and Dr Madhumati Deshpande. The event commenced with the inaugural address by the Department Coordinator, Dr Madhumati Deshpande. Father Jose C.C, the Director, delivered the opening speech.Following this Dr Lobo addressed gathering with his insightful speech. The speakers of the event were Edison from Congo, Ahammeduddin Salimy from Afghanistan and Bishaka from Nepal. Each of the presenters gave us valuable information’s about their country. There was also a question answer session after each presentation. The event concluded with the vote of thanks given by Gaffur.

International Affairs Quiz 2018

An International Affairs Quiz was held for all 2nd and 3rd year students of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) by LYCEUM, thePost Graduate Association of Department of International Studies and History on 27th July, 2018.Some of the themes covered in the quiz were:

•    Foreign Policies of India, US, Russia and China.
•    Current news and events of international politics
•    General knowledge on countries and their governments.

The quiz witnessed a huge turnout and was a learning experience for both the participants and the audience.


VENUE: Central Block, Room No. 911

DATE: 23-11-2018

TIME: 3-4 p.m

AGOREU is an academic fest for the international students in the Department of International Studies and History. The 2nd edition of AGOREU, which means “I speak in public”, was organised by Rendezvous: the Foreign Students’ Cell, to give an exposure in public speaking and actively involve myriad of foreign students with varied backgrounds in academic, cultural and fraternity building. The event was inaugurated by Father Jose C.C., Dr. Madhumati Deshpande and Dr. Vagishwari S.P. with Dr. Madhumati giving the inaugural address.

The theme for this event was “Foreign Policies” of the respective countries of the presenters, who were- Sang Kim Joon from South Korea, Supekchha Nembang from Nepal and Khalid Mohamed from Afghanistan. The representatives put forth their perspectives on the varied topics, namely, “Major Korean Issues and Perspectives”, “Indian and Chinese Treatment in Nepal” and “Indo-Afghan Relations and India’s Assistance in Rebuilding Afghanistan”. Talking about the major issues in the establishment of peaceful relations between North Korea and South Korea, and the historical disputes between Japan and South Korea; Nepal’s situation on dwindling reliance on India with increased investments from China; and India’s strategic role in Afghanistan in constructed a number of “re-building” projects, the presenters threw light on extremely conspicuous information via their sound insights. This was followed by an effective Q&A session and the concluding vote of thanks given by Ahammeduddin Salimy.

IR-Model United Nations

International Relations MUN was organised by the Lyceum, the post graduate students association of Department of International Studies and History, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) on the 23rd of January, 2019.

The Security Council in its one-day deliberation took cognisance of the issue of “Regional and Sub-Regional Organisations Corporation with United Nations to combat terrorism and organised crime”

The Deliberations began with nations attempting to define and understand the concept of “Terrorism” and its differentiations form the idea of organised crimes and how they have differing connotations in the International Arena. Many member state representatives seem to agree on the idea, while some disagreed to the concept and argued on the fact that they have an interweaving concept and that many terror organisations have used the organised crime rings to transport drugs and other illicit materials around the world. The council then further debated on matter of the role of the regional and sub-regional organisation in and what their role in combating issues. The member states described broadly what these bodies could do and how can they solve the issue at hand. The Council also took note of the various challenges which the organisation faced including issues and to challenging terrorism, and to that extent even deliberated on the idea on the idea of “Cyber-Terrorism” and its implications in the 21st Century world. The council then moved on to discuss and deliberate on the action plans which the council can take and what all can be included in the final action plan which this council could place for the consideration of the member states. After much deliberation and discussion, the council passed a policy statement which outlined the plan which the council decided to be followed to ensure better corporation between regional and sub-regional organisation in order to resolve the issue.

The discussion was academically simulating and brought about many aspect and idea of how the regional organisation can play an important role and how the United Nations can play an role in bridging the gap to counter one of the prominent issues of the modern 21st Century.  






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