Inauguration of Vrittanta activities 16 June 2017

There is never a perfect day for a new beginning for when you the desire for a beginning, it is perfect in itself. Vrittanta, the Association of the Undergraduate students of International Studies and History held its inaugural ceremony for the academic year 2017-18 on 16 July, 2017.

All our activities should be governed by the light of knowledge, especially the knowledge of dharma and therefore it is imperative that we begin the activities by ‘lightning the lamp’. Therefore, the event was commenced with the lightning of the lamp by Reverend Father Dr. Jose CC, the Director of Student Affairs and the heart and soul of the association; Dr.Vagishwari SP, Dr. Venugopal Menon, Dr. Anurag Tripathi and Dr. Priyanka Mallik along with the committee heads of the association.

This was followed by a welcome speech by Miss. Shreaysee Deb of 3HEP, wherein she officially welcomed the guests as well as the first years to the department, ending on an optimistic note for them to have an eventful year ahead. Emcee-ed by Mihir Parekh of 5HEP along with Apoorvi Mishra of 3EPS, the ceremony was a glorious since the very initial stage. To add to the colours, Ayush Anand delighted the audience with his musical performance. ArushiGanguly from 3HEP briefed the audience about the journey that the association will carry out this year with a promise that the first years would enjoy and learn from every moment of the events as much as their seniors had in the past.

A well-presented drama carried out by the students of 3HEP gave a glimpse to the much-awaited fest held by the department, that is Sangam, which was launched by Rev. Fr. Dr. Jose CC, Dr.Vagishwari SP, Dr. Venugopal Menon and Dr. Anurag Tripathi. Irfan Nazir of 5HEP and the Convenor of the this year’s fest captivated the crowd with the video on Sangam 2017 and his speech enlightened the throng on the events that would be held for the students to show their talents. Kayal, the heART Club was also officially launched for the academic year 2017-18 by its coordinators Sowndarya Acharya and Anusha Bhansali from 5HEP. The show was lighted up by the various dance and musical programmes hosted by the students of both EPS and HEP. The one and half hour of the inaugural function came to an end with the introduction of all the committee members who had made it a success, followed by the national anthem.



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