Quality Improvement Pgrogramme 2016

The Department of International Studies and History organized Quality Improvement Program (QIP) from 6th to 8th of October 2016.The program consisted of 10 sessions spread over three days with focus on Curriculum.
The program was inaugurated on 6th October by Dr John Joseph Kennedy, Professor of English and Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) by delineating the difference between Curriculum and Syllabus, in the context of globalization and the challenge of internationalization of curriculum to cater to the needs and requirements of present generation.

The first day sessions focused on Recent Trends and Focus in Domain: Identify areas for introducing the papers by Dr SiddharthMallavarapu from South Asian University, New Delhi followed by Prof. Lawrence Prabhakar of Madras Christian College, Chennai on Strategic Culture and the need to explore the missing link in History, Politics and Social Issues. The Post lunch session commenced with Dr. Siddharath highlighting the new areas that have emerged in the domain especially in the writings John and Hobson Barry Buzan and others. This lecture was further carried forward by the next speaker Prof.Lawrwnce Prabhakar by introducing new questions that have emerged in the domain Superflousnes of the nation, growing transnational effect and its terminology etc.

On the second day Session began with the presentation of Dr. BhupinderYadav of AzimPremji University, Bengaluru, addressing on Ideas and Issues in Social Sciences and Humanities focusing on four issues a)tracing the growth of knowledge,b)Mapping the transformation of identities c) I. Wallerstein’s  views on Opening up of the social sciences and the deviational limits that is possible in a curriculum. Thesession two on the same day was addressed by DrVanamalaVishwanathon Translation as a negotiation between Culture dispelling the wrong notion that translation dilutes or distorts the text, at the sametime explaining the detailed academic process involved in it. The last session of the day was by Dr Amman Madan, from AzimPremji University on the theme ‘Evaluation: Process and Practices’ stating pertinently that subject expertise plays a key role in the effectiveness of teaching and evaluation with intimately connected to personality and differs from person-to-person.

The final two session on day three- 8/10/2016 was addressed by Dr M. J. Vinodof Bangalore University on the theme Recent Trends and Focus in Domains emphasizing the need to integrate university syllabi with contemporary world politics also wanted academia to look into new areas -Like Symbolism, Inter regionalism and Role of science and technology.

The last session of the last day was the session of participants with preparation of reports on the sessions and incorporating the suggestions base on the 5 parameters of Learning outcome/objectives, Pedagogy, assessment, modules and bibliography. to rework on any one of the subjects that they are teaching.
The QIP concluded in the evening with a Vote of thanks by the Professor of history Dr. Vagishwari the Coordinator of the Program.



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