SWAD is a student organisation that is focused on promoting local cuisine, sustainable farming practices as well as exploring various aspects of culinary heritage. Five years of parading local cuisines and healthy food practices of India has given students a competitive insight into various culinary aspects. SWAD has explored individual states of India, signature dishes, prominent ingredients, traditions and sustainability concepts. The beauty of it all lies in the mix of age-old practices that have been handed over from generation to generation and innovation every step of the way. SWAD began with the objective of exploring the rich and diverse culinary history of India and divulging the same. Created by a small group of culinary enthusiasts, SWAD has slowly expanded, recruiting other people with similar interests to join the bandwagon. Today we have a community that has been promoting the SWAD philosophy for over five years now. We also promote individuals and organisations who adopt fair, healthy and sustainable practices while providing them with a platform to educate others of the same.SWAD’s various activities include studying a diverse array of ingredients and their versatile uses, exploring cuisines of various regions, understanding traditional food practices and the stories behind them, promoting healthy and sustainable farming practices, inviting industry experts to share their knowledgeable expertise with us and much more.SWAD helps students not only learn and explore culture while understanding the importance of it, but also helps students be a responsible part of providing local components a platform to display its significance. Through this initiative, students perfect their organizing skills, communication and learn more than a classroom can teach .


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