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Procedure for Obtaining Letter of Recommendation

The Department of Hotel Management Issues Letters of Recommendation (LOR) to its students and alumni/ae, on their request to the faculty members of the department, in order to submit them to potential employers, scholarship committees, or higher education institutions. Depending on the need, an LOR may include academic performance, participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, personality, skills and attitude of the applicant.

The students and the alumni of the Department desirous to obtain an LOR from the Department are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

1.Requests for LOR

  • Requests for LOR should be made only through email to the University email id of the faculty member concerned, with a copy to the Head of Department on < >. 
  • Requests for LOR should be made at least three weeks in advance.  
  • Requests for LOR can be made by the students to the faculty of their choice, however, they must get an LOR from the research mentor concerned as well, even if they require only one.  
  • The faculty member will issue the LOR after the scrutiny of the application by the department Chair/Head. 
  • The department may reject the requests for LOR if it finds that performance of the student in the department has not been satisfactory. 
  • The students are advised to follow up with the faculty concerned, once the request has been made. 

2.Details to be included in the request for LOR which should be accompanied with documentary evidence attached to the email

  • Student research project title along with the mentor’s name and research progression (Publication/Presentation/Conduct during the project)
  • Rank/Grade in the course of the faculty member concerned and CGPA for the programme
  • Interest in Hospitality-related areas 
  • Events that the student coordinated during the four years of study at DHM, CU
  • Internship details and Grade
  • Total number of Off- Premise Catering that you participated
  • Involvement in Community Service/Service Learning
  • Involvement and contribution to the departmental activities 

Date: 22 March 2021


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