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Media Meet, the birth child of the Department of Media Studies, Christ University has made its mark within the University and outside. An annual national level media fest for the mass communication student, it’s a platform for the students to meet and interact with the people from industry and academics


Media Meet 21: With Media/Crises: Challenges and Choices as the theme for Media Meet 2021, we plan to deliberate on the complexities that operate at the intersection of media and crises. Crises within the media, external crises like the pandemic, crises as content, perceptions and responses to crises by the media, are some of the focal points which this edition of Media Meet attempts to address by bringing together stakeholders from the discipline of Media Studies, academicians from other disciplinary backgrounds, media theorists, experts from the media industry, people who represent the government, policy makers, civic activists, scholars, students etc. Media Meet 2021 attempts to comprehend the breadth and depth of media/crises and conceive ideas that could make the practice and purpose of media more relevant and resilient.

Media Meet 2021 is proud to collaborate with Florida State University College of Communication and Information, Florida, United States. to host the International Virtual Conference this year.

More details: https://mediameet.christuniversity.in/ 


Media Meet 20: “Media Literacy”, the theme for this year’s Media Meet, is the ability to identify different forms of media and critically analyse as well as interpret the messages that are being sent by them. Media literacy is an essential element that is needed to be developed effectively in order to keep up with the changing media culture. It is necessary that we control the interpretation of what we see and not the other way around. This element allows us to develop “critical autonomy” or the ability to think for oneself, which is a fundamental quality needed for a democratic society to function effectively. In the current era of citizen journalism and an explosive social media culture, media literacy is a compulsory skill that we all need to develop in order to steer clear of political persuasions and fake news. It guards us from being controlled by the media we use and helps us in forming informed and accurate opinions from information being provided to us.

Media Meet 2020 is proud to collaborate with Griffith University and Florida State University College of Communication and Information, and partner with People's Archive for Rural India and GAPMIL to host a first-ever International Virtual Conference this year.

More Details: https://sites.google.com/christuniversity.in/mediameet2020/home


Media Meet 19: The media industry has grown exponentially from the 1990s and its dynamics continues to change and evolve with the technological revolution. With the penetration of internet and the number of smartphone users increasing day by day, the media landscape presents an interesting and challenging web of issues to be negotiated with. One such challenging and critical problem is the realm of media ethics and its implications in different socio- political and cultural contexts. Invariably all the domains of media - whether it be films, advertisement, public relations, journalism, social media, etc. - need to confirm to ethical standards. Challenges in the form of digital piracy, intellectual property rights, representation, trolls, fake news, paid news, ownership patterns, TRPs, user-driven content prioritization, etc. need to be addressed. Media Meet 2019 attempts to address such crucial issues related to media ethics and identify the ways forward

More Details: https://sites.google.com/christuniversity.in/media-meet-2019/home 




Media Meet 18: Media Meet is Christ University’s Annual Seminar-Cum-Conference organised by the Department of Media Studies. The 9th edition, titled Media Meet 2018 - Big Data aims to explore the new expressions in the dynamic landscape of media. The seminar will enable the researchers and practitioners from across the globe to come together on a single platform and share the knowledge and network with eminent professionals.

More Details: https://medialab4.wixsite.com/mediameet18 











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