Report on Symphonia, 07 July 2017

The event ‘Symphonia’ was organized by the Poetry Club of the Literati. It was held on the 7th of July, 2017.The leaders held a meeting the previous week and divided the work among the volunteers.The poster was made by a volunteer, Devshri. Another volunteer, Vishakha, wrote a poem for this event, and her poem was printed on bookmarks and distributed among the faculty members.The program was promoted by sending out messages, putting up posters, and a mass email was sent as well.

The event started from 12 pm and ended at 1:30 pm.26 people registered for the event and many more teachers and students flocked to be a part of the event. While some students performed their original composition, others tried to rap and beatbox. There were few students who played instruments like guitar while singing.

Trying to summarize all the stories that were unfolded, talents that were exposed and songs that were hummed, would be like slaughtering these creations and limiting them to cages.

So it suffices to say that poets and beatboxers, both seasoned and first-timers, got to open up in a place without anyone judging or grading them. Symphonia is a platform for students and teachers from the entire university to come and showcase their talents and get exposed to different talents that are present in our small world.

Symphonia ended with the customary group photo with all of us basking in the glory of our first event ever.


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