Report on Literati Film Club

The first event hosted by The Literati – The English Students Association, for the academic year 2016-17 was conducted by the Film Club on 29 June 2016, Wednesday at 12 p.m. in the Seminar Hall, Block 2. The movie screened was “It’s such a beautiful day” – an animated movie. It is written, directed, animated and produced by award- winning animator Don Hertzfeldt.

It is his first feature film. It is divided into three chapters following the journey of a stick figure named Bill. It has received critical acclaim and won numerous awards and is also ranked #1 on the list of “Best Animated films of the 21st century” (so far).

The event started on time with almost 27 students. Beginning with a small introduction by the host, the movie ran for 62 minutes, ending at 1.15 PM. Students were completely engrossed in the movie.

After the screening, a small discussion was held based on the movie, with the audience first giving a feedback on the choice of the movie. The feedback given was that the movie provoked the thoughts of the audience and left them speechless for moments together. The movie subjected the viewers to deep silence as they reflected on how every scene of the movie impacted the audience.

Many students approached the film club members in the following week to express how the movie made them appreciate the value of people in their lives and how it changed their perspective about life. The event went on till 1.30 PM and gave a head start to ‘The Literati’ events for the following year. So after a day of deep reflection and introspection, it is strongly felt that such screenings should be encouraged due to the life stimulating experiences they cause.



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