Report on Literati Bookmeet

Date: 03 August 2016        Time: 12 p.m.  Venue: 9th floor, Knowledge Center, Central Block


The Literati organized its first Bookmeet in collaboration with the Library on 03 August 2016 from 12pm to 1pm in the Knowledge Centre Library. “The God of Small Things” by Arundathi Roy was the book chosen for discussion. 15 students from both literature and non-literature courses attended the bookmeet. All of them were deeply passionate about the novel. Sitting in a quiet corner by the window on the 9th floor, the ambience was just right to delve into the depths of this multilayered art of sheer brilliance and unimaginable articulation.

Excerpts were read from the book and discussed with significant contributions from every member that was present. Each of them said things that were so similar and so different at the same time that at the end of it each of us took an even more multifaceted understanding to many plot points in the novel. The excepts read were used to analyze characters, the stylistic techniques like that of foreshadowing and lack of chronological order and her inventive language. The understanding of the essence of the book on the whole was debated and discussed with profound insights on the plot and descriptions in all its abstractions.

 Overall, the interactions came from a very intricate understanding of the book from each person, that genuinely allowed so many epiphanic moments in us as we exchanged our thoughts on compelling questions like 'Who is the God of Small things?' and many such essentialist queries. The discussion, unanimously felt, was seen to be very engaging and thought-provoking.



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