About the Literati

The Literati is the English Student Association formed exclusively for the undergraduate students of the Department of English. It is for all students with English Literature as one of their core subjects (JPEng, CEP, TCE/TEP, PSEng, PEP and English Hons.). The focus of the association is academic and intended to broaden understanding of the self and others through interactions and discussions. It encourages students to show off their extracurricular skills and talents within the framework of the field. It has student representatives from each class.

1.    To hone organizing and managing skills among students
2.    To be able to cultivate academic rigor through activities
3.    To encourage and showcase talents among students
4.    To enhance skills such as leadership, communication and public speaking
5.    To promote critical thinking
6.    To expose individuals to various platforms and to develop an interest in them
7.    To encourage learning in an informal setting
An activity / ies will be held every 2nd or / and 4th Wednesday of the month at 12 pm in a classroom as this hour is the activity hour. Some of the activities are:
1.    Debate
2.    Theatre
3.    Poetry/ Story Readings
4.    Newsletters / Blog
5.    Screening of Films


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