The Department has numerous projects that its faculty members are working on which have been funded by national and international organizations. Given below are a list of some of these projects:
United Board
University of Zurich
Major Research Projects funded by CHRIST
The Art Outreach Society (TAOS), Kochi, Kerala


Some of the prominent publications by the faculty members are listed below: 

  • 2019, (Hi)Stories of Desire: Sexualities and Culture in Modern India (co-edited), New Delhi, London: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2019, “Subaltern Languages: The Question of Vernaculars in 21st Century India”, in Journal of Educational Planning and Administration 33 (1): 51-65
  • 2019, Sexual Realism? (Hetero) Sexual Excess and the Birth of Obscenity in Malayalam Literature. In Kumaramkandath and Srivastava ed. “(Hi)Stories of Desire: Sexualities and Cultures in Modern India”, New Delhi, London: Cambridge University Press: 58-79
  • 2019, CLASSROOM: Studies in Sociology of Education, (co-edited), Chennai: Uyirmai Publications.
  • 2018, “Changing Rural Graphics and Feminist Readings in a Third World Locale: The Case of "Aathi"”, in Asian Review of Social Sciences, Vol 7 (1), 40-44.
  • 2014, “Canons of Desire: Homosexuality in 21st century Keralam”, in Weiringa, Saskia and Horacio Sirori (ed), The Sexual History of Global South, London: Zed Publications. 206-225.
  • 2019,”Locating Indian Universities in Knowledge Societies : A Critique,” Journal of Dharma 44 (2):  215-236.
  • 2019, “Changes in the Institution of Family and Class Values: An Analysis,” Research Chronicler 7 (6): 277-284.
  • 2019, “Plight of Women Domestic Workers in Bangalore: A Sociological Study,” International Journal of Innovative Knowledge Concepts 7 (5):55-62.
  • 2017, “Sex Identity Vs Sexual Orientation: Understanding Transgender Category in India,” Social Work Chronicle 1 (2): 82-99.
  • 2014, “Tibetan Refugees in India: The Case of Bylakuppe in Karnataka,” Indian Journal of Social Development 12 (2).  
  • 2019 “The Women in Tribal Development Initiatives in India” in ‘The Contemporary Socio-cultural scenario of Tribal Women in India Challenges and Prospects’ (pp 385-391)  ISBN 97881941658508. 
  • 2017,”Rethinking Institutional Frameworks in Conservation and Governance of Forests in the Background of FRA in Kerala: From Exclusion to Inclusion” in Artha – Journal of Social Sciences. No 2, Vol. 16, Issue 2.pp 57-73. ISSN: 0975-329X
  • Amaresha, A. C., Venkatasubramanian, G., & Muralidhar, D. (2019). Perspectives about Illness, Attitudes, and Caregiving Experiences among Siblings of Persons with Schizophrenia: A Qualitative Analysis. Indian journal of psychological medicine, 41(5), 413-419.
  • Aboobaker, S., Jangam, K. V., Sagar, K. J. V., Amaresha, A. C., & Jose, A. (2019). Predictors of emotional and behavioral problems among Indian adolescents: A clinic-based study. Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 39, 104-109.
  • Bhat, U. S., Amaresha, A. C., Kodancha, P., John, S., Kumar, S., Aiman, A., Jain, P. A., & Cherian, A. V. (2018). Psychological distress among college students of coastal district of Karnataka: A community-based cross-sectional survey. Asian journal of psychiatry, 38, 20-24.
  • Amaresha, A. C., Kalmady, S. V., Joseph, B., Agarwal, S. M., Narayanaswamy, J. C., Venkatasubramanian, G., ... & Subbakrishna, D. K. (2018). Short term effects of brief need based psychoeducation on knowledge, self-stigma, and burden among siblings of persons with schizophrenia: A prospective controlled trial. Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 32, 59-66.
  • Sahu, S. (2018). Revisiting Television in India: Mapping the portrayal of Women in Soap Operas’ in Sociological Bulletin 67(2) 1-16, 2018. Sage Publications. DOI - : 10.1177/0038022918775502.
  • Sahu, S. & Preethi N. R. (2016). ‘Understanding Health Communication: Trends and Possibilities’ in Artha Journal of Social Sciences, pg. 87 -109, 15 (2). ISSN: 0975-329X. URL:
  • Cherian, R. M. (2020). Pedagogy of the Virtual Space: Content Analysis of Voices from K-12 Online Classrooms of Four Indian Cities. Solid State Technology, 63(4), 2712-2723.
  • Cherian, R. M. (2019). Using Superheroes in Art Therapy through Counselling for Adolescents Boys in Conflict with Law: Illustrations from Juvenile Home in Ernakulam, Kerala.
  • Cherian, R. M. (2017).Juxtapose : Seven Stories of Adoption. Alternates Press. ISBN978-8193312858. Delhi


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