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Amit Ranjan and Drorima Chatterjee

Cutting across the Durand: Water dispute between

Pakistan and Afghanistan on river Kabul Wiley Publications-2020

Dr. N. Manoharan and Ashwin Immanuel Dhanabalan

Punching Above Weight? The Role of Sri Lanka in BIMSTEC (Indian Foreign Affairs Journal Vol. 15, No. 1, January–March 2020, 48-61)


Sumedha K

Challenges to state control

of territory: Comparative

analysis of Yemen,

Afghanistan and Myanmar (Asian Journal of Comparative Politics

1–17, DOI: 10.1177/20578911211004775, 2020

Granth Vanaik

The Problem With India’s Economic Diplomacy in South Asia- The Diplomat- 2021

Anjishnu Mondal

Revolution in Military Affairs and India’s Role- IJRAR-2019

Supekchha Nembang

Nepal's Economic Diplomacy in context to Central Asian countries- IJRAR-2019

Manumitra Balaji

Foreign Policy and Media: Analysis of Media coverage during P.M. Narendra Modi period- IJSSER- 2019

Parth Giri

Artificial Intelligence and Foreign Policy- IJSSER-2019

Athira KS

Media and Humanitarian Crisis: A Comparison of BBC's Coverage of Tsunami 2004 and Eelam War IV- Impact Journals- 2019

Rhea Keisam

Interpreting India’s Act East Policy Through the Functionalism Theory of International Relations- Impact Journal-2019

Shruti Sonal

A Feminist Analysis of the Reconciliation Process in Post Conflict Sri Lanka- Gender and Security- 2019

C. Nivedita

Role of Feminist Activism in Gender Mainstreaming Policies: The Case of UN- IJRAR- 2019

Dona Baby

Assessment of Air Power in India and China- NIAS-2019

Padmini Anilkumar

The Strategic Strait of Bab al Mandeb and its influence on the Yemen War- IJRAR

Poornima R Vijaya

Comparative Study of US Policy towards Asia-Pacific under Obama and Trump- Change or Continuity?- IJRAR- 2019

Priyanjoli Ghosh

The Chagos Archipelago: An Indian Perspective- Maritime India- 2019


Shruti Kunhiraman

Islamic fundamentalism : A case study of Maldives- IJHSSI-2019

kshitisman mahanta


sports diplomacy and international relation: a case study of india- JETIR-2019


Betty Lalrinfeli

Afghanistan and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Prospect for Membership- IJRAR-2019

Abhishek Sunil

The safety of the digital democracy- NAIS- 2019

Dhruv Ashok

Balochistan crisis and it, s implications in the region- IJRAR- 2019

K Maya

Xinjiang Conflict: The Turkish Link & Cross-border Implications- C3S- 2017

Sathvik N

Media discourse on Kashmir: dissonance in public understanding of Indo Pak relations - World Focus


Ashwin Kurian Philip


Crisis Communication during COVID-19

Chitresh Shrivastva


Railway Diplomacy: China Versus India- South Asia Voices



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