Research Ethics Guidelines

General guidelines for Research Ethics are as follows:
1. Research must not cause harm to the participants in particular and to people in general.
2. Research should as far as possible make a positive contribution towards the welfare of people.
3. Researchers have a right , as well as a responsibility, to refrain from undertaking or continue undertaking any research that contravenes ethical guidelines, violates the integrity of research and/or compromises their autonomy in research, including design methodology, analysis and interpretation of findings and publication. If they  feel that their rights are being violated, or that the study is unethical, they should make all possible efforts at making corrections. In the event of failure of remedial measures they should exercise their right to terminate the study or to opt out of it.
4. Research must respect and protect the rights and dignity of participants.
5. The benefits and risks of research should be fairly distributed among people.
6. All information and records provided by participants or obtained directly or indirectly on/about the participants are confidential. For revealing or sharing any information that may identify participants, permission of the participants is essential.
7. All research must take adequate precautions towards minimizing and mitigating risks if any involved in the research process or in the delivery of its output.
8. The relationship within the research team, including student and junior members, should be based on the principle of non-exploitation.
9. Researchers have a responsibility towards the interest of those involved in or affected by their own work. They should make reasonable efforts to anticipate and to guard against possible misuse and undesirable or harmful consequences of research.
10. Researchers should take reasonable corrective steps when they come across misuse or misrepresentation of their own work.
11. Contribution of each member of the research team should be properly acknowledged.
12. The conduct of research must be fair, honest and transparent. It is desirable that the researchers are amenable to social and financial review of their research.
13. Researchers must ensure respect, protection and promotion of rights of participants. Criteria for the selection of participants of research should be fair, besides being scientific.
14. The principal researchers should delegate to the juniors, assistants, students and trainees only those responsibilities that they are reasonably capable of performing on the basis of their education, training or experience, either independently or under supervision.
15. All members of the team on a research project have a right to know and document all aspects of research including ownership of data. This will also apply to the participation of students doing their own research in a project team.


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