Ongoing Research

Scholar Batch Domain Title
Reghu V R 2013 Thermal Engineering Thermal Barrier Coating Development On Piston Crown And Simulation Of Low Heat Rejection Engine
Praise Tom 2016 Vibration Control Design and Analysis Of Active Vibration Control System For Tractor Engine
Kiran K 2016 Fuel Engines Process Development and Experimental Investigation of Biofuel on a Multi-fuel Engine
Vivek K S 2016 Fuel Engines Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as Composite Anodes to Enhance the Performance of Lithium Ion Batteries
Pasupuleti Kirti Teja 2016 Fuel Engines Synthesis and Characterization of Zirconia based Pyrochlores and functionally Garded thermal barrier coatings
Gowtham Sanjai S 2016 Nano composite Synthesis, Characterization And Process Development Of Plasma Sprayed Nano Coatings
Hadiya Pritesh Dulabhai 2016 Design Static Response of Helically Wound Cables Under Bending
Dr. Pradeep Kumar G S, Harish Kumar M, Yash Yadav, Anurag shinde 2018 Composite (MMC) Fabrication of Slurry Erosive Wear Tester and Development of Erosive Wear Resistant HVOF Coatings on Aluminum alloys
Dr. Pradeep Kumar G S, Umesh V 2020 Composite (MMC) Development of HVOF coatings on Aluminum alloys as an alternative to hard chrome plating
Avinash Babu 2019 Composite (MMC) Development and characterization of functional graded layer composite for brake friction material application
Raldo Paul 2019 CFD CFD study on rotor blade-vortex interaction in UAV design for air taxi operation
Sharon Biju, Navaneeth 2018 - Metal matrix nanocomposites by powder metallurgy route


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