Ongoing Research

Batch Reg. No Name Area Title
2012  1247004 Mr. Raghavendra Swamy H Data Science Planning Algorithms For Heterogeneous Platform Optimization
2017 1770076 Mr. Chinthakunta Manjunath Data science A Comprehensive Model For Predicting Stock Prices Using Deep Learning Methodlogy With Reference To National Stock Exchange(Nse)
June 2018 1881901 Ms. Sincy John Digital Image Processing Investigation Of 3d Faces For Forensic Analysis Using Digital Image Processing Techniques
Dec 2018 1870077 Mrs. Affreen Ara Machine Learning Emotion Analysis Of Music Lyrics Using Machine Learning Techniques
Dec 2018 1870078 Mrs. Ancy P R network security Scalable Non-Linear Access Policy For Multiauthority Attribute-Based Encryption (Abe)
Dec 2018 1870082 Mrs. Saba Tahseen Machine Learning Multimodal Health Monitoring System Based On Human Physiological And Psychological Behavior Using Machine Learning Techniques
Jun-19 1970077 Sajanraj T D Data Science Large Scale Transportation Data Analysis And Distributed Computational Solutions For Metro Passenger Flow Prediction
Jun-19 1970076 Aniruddha Mohanty Machine Learning Speech And Emotion Recognition For Audio/Text Synthesis System
Dec-19 1982409 Pooja S Dodamani Image Proc. & Machine Learning Design of prediction model for Bone Mineral Density to measure risk of fractures using Image Processing and Machine Learning for Indian Population
Dec-19 1982407 Zahir Abbas Khan MAchine Learning A Design of Effective Fake News Detection System Using Learning Algorithms
Dec-19 1982401 Abhishek Gunjan Portfolio Optimization, Quantum Computing, Metaheuristics Quantum Inspired Approaches to Portfolio Optimization
Dec-19 1982410 Sania Thomas Data Science Nondestructive and cost effective method for gender classification of silkworm pupa
Dec-19 1981306 Michael K Natural Language Processing Automated Mathematical Word Problem solving with Deep neural networks
Jun-20 2072401 Abraham Rajan Big Data/Cloud Computing Sentiment Analysis For Market Segmentation of Customer Review Groups
Jun-20 2072402 Anjeet Kumar Deep learning: Predictive Analysis Deep learning based predictive analysis of financial data
Jun-20 2072403 Gurumurthy S B Image processing and Blockchain Design Of Image Forensics System Using Blockchain And Image Authentication Techniques
Jun-20 2072405 Sreeparnesh Sharma S Application of soft computing in the world of Data Designing A Smart Framework For Monitoring The Goods And Transportation In E-Commerce Supply Chain Using Internet Of Things
Jun-20 2072406 Vaheedbasha Shaik Cloud Computing Fortifying Conventional Data Centers With The Improved Performance To Adopt New Cloud Services
Jun-20 2072409 Sowmya T Machine Learning Based Anomaly Detection Systems for Secure Cloud Framework. Design And Development Of Intelligent Agent Based Intrusion Detection And Prevention System For Cloud Security Using Machine Learning Methods
Jun-20 2072410 Sanoj C S Brain computer interface A Novel Hybrid Metaheuristic Algorithm For Feature Selection And Parameter Tuning In Deep Learning Networks For Brain Computer Interface
Jun-20 2072412 Shyam Kumar Sinha ML, AI in Logistics and Supply Chain Intelligent Blockchain Framework For Supply Chain Leadtime Management
Jun-20 2072413 Sumalatha A Image processing, Machine Learning, Neural Network Enhancement of Underwater Images based on Light Attenuation, Dehazing and Color Correction
Jun-20 2072901 Sonam V Maju Information management through Artificial Intelligence Extraction And Utilization Of Dark Data For The Early Prediction Of Alzheimer Disease
Jun-20 2072902 Asha H P Data Science and Cloud/Fog Computing Multi Level Defense Against Sybil Attacks In Fog Networks Using Blockchain And Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Techniques
Jun-20 2071901 Ammishadai Uppalapathi NLP Automated NLP Driven mechanism to assess the key customer centric drivers in digital marketing.
Sep-20 2072414 Anil Antony Machine Learning GI analytics using structured learning for extraction and identification of geographical features
Sep-20 2072415 Sindu M G Neurological Analysis An Improvised Sleep Stage Classification model by Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based Deep Learning Approach.
Sep-20 2072416 Sobha Xavier P Brain Imagery Pre And Post Operative Meningioma Brain Tumor Classification For
Prolonged Survival
Sep-20 2072417 Reshma K V Natural language processing Design of an Automated Text Annotation System for Malayalam  Language
Sep-20 2072418 Shiju Thomas M.Y Image Encryption, Staganography Designing an Efficient Encryption-Then-Compression System for Grayscale
Images utilizing Entropy Encryption
Sep-20 2072419 Namitha T N Image Processing Prediction of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) resistance in Kawasaki patients
using Federated Learning on decentralized Data
Sep-20 2072420 Sajitha.I  Image Processing Prediction Model for Measuring Post Disaster Building Damages using Machine
Learning Algorithms.
Sep-20 2072422 Bineesh M Data Analytics  Enhanced Methodology to Predict Cancer Disease Using Metabolomics and Machine Learning
Dec-20 2090214 Thulasi A Image Processing Image captioning using deep learning
Dec-20 2090243 Jyotsna A Network Security Intrusion Detection System in Edge-of-Things Ecosystem
Dec-20 2090244 Lufiya George C Deep learning Classification of arrhythmia for early detection of cardiovascular diseases using deep learning techniques
Dec-20 2090245 Mohammad Mustafa Siddique Computer Science and Engineering Multilingual Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Data using Deep Learning
Dec-20 2090246 Pooja P P Information technology Brain tumor detection and survival prediction using deep learning techniques
Dec-20 2090249 Roby Surendran Deep Learning The Formulation and Modelling of Multiple Three- Dimensional (3D) Object Tracking using Deep Learning based Data Association Models.
June-21 2170221 Padmaja K  Machine Learning prediction of  diabetes  using multidimensional data  based on human  islet cell condition
June-21 2170258 Bivin George  Security Transaction Automation for Cyber Physical systems in smart cities with P2P Smart Contracts
June-21 2170261 Monikkareshmi Sethurajan  Social Network Security Cyber Turfing: A framework to mitigate prospective social bots and fact-check heuristics to counteract cyber attack
June-21 2170268 MANOJ PATIL Computer Vision and Agriculture A novel approach for sensitive crop disease prediction using Computer Vision Techniques
June-21 2170270 DAMODARAN.S Cognitive Intelligence/ Artificial Intelligence  Development of Cognitive Intelligence to enhance the process efficiency with minimal human intervention
June-21 2170271 AMIT KUMAR PANDEY Deep Learning and Image Processing Deep Learning based approach for prediction of mandibular third molar impaction using anatomic radiograph
June-21 2170272 FAIROZ PASHA cloud computing Secure and  Efficient  Workload Resource Management Technique for Heterogeneous Cloud Computing Environment
June-21 2170274 SANYASI MANASA Computer Science Engineering Design of Digital Forensic System for Investigating Adversarial Attacks in AI Context
June-21 2170277 Lalasa Mukku Machine Learning An ensemble machine learning model for bipolar disorder classification
June-21 2170278 IRENE JOSEPH Data Security A framework to design a robust and imperceptible watermarked video for the secure communication of data
June-21 2170288 SANGEETHA SUPRIYA KOLA mobile adhoc networks Secure Data transfer model using Light weight cryptographic Algorithm and Steganography techniques for IOT Environment.
December-21 2190148 SYED ZABIULLA S K Machine Learning Development of a Framework to implement Sentiment Analysis Techniques to improve user experiences using Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms
December-21 2190149 ARYAMOL V K Security Collaborative security framework for software-defined networking
December-21 2190150 SWATHI MOHAN Cyber Security Design and Development of Secure Cloud Storage Framework using Cryptographic Algorithm with Location Aware and Deduplicated Data
December-21 2190147 SAHEBJADE Cloud Computing Developing a Modular Self-healing Framework for Cloud Applications using Maching Learning Approaches
June 2022 2270192 Kumari K AI&ML Design and development of machine learning model for gender identification & silkworm using gene expression
June 2022 2270279 Pallavi R Kumar Cyber Secuirty Detection and Classification of Malware using Improvised Deep Learning Methods
December 2022 2290049 Athulya AI, Blockchain Development of an AI-based Framework for Efficient Educational Data Analysis with Enhanced Security using Blockchain Technology
December 2023 2390122 Wasim Yasin Cryptography, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence. How to accelerate the security defenses using AI
December 2023 2390120 S. SENTHIL MURUGAN Computer Science ,Software Automation , Testing Scriptless Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Automation Framework for Software Application
December 2023 2390121 Santosh B B Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing Systems, Decision Intelligence, Data centric AI Developing Cognitive Computing Systems for Explainable Decision-Making in Complex Domains
December 2023 2390166 GANAPATHY SUBRAMANIAN N Artifical Intelligence | ML Model | Diplomacy | SDGs | International Relations To build a Cooperative AI based solution to enable diplomats with enhanced negotiating capabilities, and to address the real life challenges with respect to diplomatic decision making, policy formulation, and how foreign policy is conducted
December 2023 2390123 Justin George Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Early detection and grading of autism spectum disorder (ASD) in children using AI and ML


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