Research Thrust Area

Thrust Area Faculty Research Scholars
Data Science Dr. Raju G 1
Security Dr. Addappalli V N Krishna 2
Image Processing Dr. Ajit Danti 5
Security Dr. Mary Anita E A 2
Data Science Dr. Ganesh Kumar R 1
Artificial Intelligence Dr. Raghavendra S 3
Image Processing Dr. Cherukuri Ravindranath Chowdary 1
Data Science Dr. Balamurugan M 2
Data Science Dr. Manohar M 2
Artificial Intelligence Dr. Jyothi Thomas 4
Artificial Intelligence Dr. Debarka Mukhopadyay 2
Artificial Intelligence Dr. Sandeep Kumar 3
Image Processing Dr. Sathish P K 1
Wireless Networks Dr. Julian Benadit P 1
Cloud Computing Dr. Jayapandian N 2
NLP Dr. Sundara Pandiyan S 2
Artificial Intelligence Dr. Rekha V 2
Cloud Computing Dr. Diana Jeba Jingle I 2
Wireless Networks Dr. Gnana Prakasi O S 1
Artificial Intelligence Dr. Aruna S K 2
Security Dr. Natarajan K 2
Wireless Networks Dr. Bejoy B J 2
Security Dr. Daniel D 2
Wireless Networks Dr. Naveen J 1
Data Science Dr. Kukatlapalli Pradeep Kumar 1
Security Dr. Jyothi Mandala 2
Data Science Dr. Mausumi Goswami 1
Artificial Intelligence Dr. Boppuru Rudra Prathap 1
Data Science Dr Rajkumar Rajavel 1
Security Dr. Jenefa J 1
Wireless Networks Dr. Manu Elappila 1
Artificial Intelligence Dr. S. Rakoth Kandan 1
Data Science Dr. Sujatha A K 1
Cloud Computing Dr. Vandana Reddy 1
Wireless Networks Dr. Shamanth Nagaraj 1
Artificial Intelligence Dr. Jeno Lovesum S P 1
Data Science Dr. Melbin J Reena 1


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