Gaana J:

Chandan Kumar: 

  • ‘NP/DP parameter and classifier languages: A case of Magahi’ in Journal of Indian and Asian studies 2020, a peer-reviewed, open-access international academic Journal, jointly published by Hankuk University and World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. (Singapore). The paper also received an honorarium of USD 1000.
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  • ‘Use of language and Class/kinship differences in Magahi Speech Community’ in an International peer-reviewed Journal GAES 2015. ISSN NO. 2395-4795

Santosh Kumar:

Book Chapters

Research Publications

  • 2016. Gilchrist’s Grammar: A Tool of Colonialism in Indian Linguistics Vol. 76 (Nos. 3-4) 2015:57-70.
  • 2013. Proverbial wisdom about persons with disabilities, pp. 260-272. In: Soares, Rui; and Lauhakangas, Outi (eds), 6th Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Proverbs: ICP12 Proceedings, Portugal, Tavira:  IAP. ISBN: 978-989-96592-8-2
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Web Publications

Book Reviews

  • 2019. Review of Disability and Mothering: Liminal Spaces of Embodied Knowledge. Cynthia Lewiechi-Wilson and Jen Cellio (Eds.) Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2011. Peace Prints: South Asian Journal of Peacebuilding (Gender and Disability
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  • 2016. Report on Know Me, Teach Me: Annual Training Workshop (with Andesha Mangala), In Language and Language Teaching, Vol. 5; No. 2; Issues 10. ISSN: 2227-307X  


Sonia Ghalian:

Book Chapters

Journal Publications 

Book Reviews

Anna Varghese

  • (Forthcoming)  Book chapters:  "Plurality of Cultures: Unity in Diversity";  "Contribution of Buddhism and Jainism: Ethics in Human Life", in Indian Cultural Heritage, Primus Books, Delhi. 

Book chapters:

  • "Ainkudi Kammalar: Reflections on the Temple Craftsmen and Beyond from Medieval Keralam”  (2019) in Search of Vishwakarma. Mapping Indian Craft Histories, edited by Vijaya Ramaswamy, Delhi: Primus Books. ISBN:978-93-5290-839-4. 
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Journal Articles:

  • "Temple Managerial Groups in Early Keralam”  (2015) in The Journal of Indian History and Culture,  Chennai: The C.P.Ramaswami Aiyar Institute of Indological Research, The C.P Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation. ISSN: 0975-7805, Vol:21. 
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  • “Temple Service Groups in Ancient and Medieval Keralam” (2010-11)  in The Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 71st Session, Malda. ISSN: 2249-1937 

Dishari Chattaraj

  • "Strategies for Facilitating Listening Skills among Foreign Language Learners in US Universities" (2020) in International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, 19(4). ISSN: 1694-2116. 
  • "An Exploratory Study of Language Learning Strategy Use" (2018) in The Journal of English Language Teaching (India), 60(3).  ISSN: 0973-5208
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  • "The challenges of teaching and learning “Compulsory English” at the undergraduate level: A Case of Calcutta University" (2015) in International peer-reviewed Journal GAES. ISSN: 2395-4795

Meghna Mudaliar

  • “Reading Anne of Green Gables in the Twenty-First Century: Anne with an E and Queer Ecofeminist Fanfiction.” In Kindred Spirits: Reflections on Our Relationship with “Anne of Green Gables”, Ed. Nike Sulway and Jess Carniel, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (forthcoming).
  •  “Queering Doctor Who and Supernatural: An Ecofeminist Response to Bill Potts and Charlie Bradbury.” In Ecofeminist Science Fiction, ed Douglas Vakoch, Liverpool University Press (forthcoming).
  • “‘We don’t make tea in this house’: Food, Performativity, and Gender in Mahesh Dattani’s Dance Like a Man.” Post-Independence Indian Theatres: Critical Perspectives, ed Debayan Deb Barman and Susanta Kumar Bardhan, Yking Books, 2020.   
  •  “Rethinking Romanticism: Frankenstein, The X-Files, and the Postmodern Prometheus.” Literary Endeavour X.3 (2019): 291-298. 
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  •  “Anthony Minghella and Madama Butterfly: A Conversation with Sir Mark Elder.” Libri: Linguistic and Literary Broad Research and Innovation. 7.1 (2018): 24-28. 
  • “The Gendered Self and the Invention of Kashmiri Identity in I, Lalla.” The Quint: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly from the North 8.3 (2016): 225-35.  
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Rashmi Sawhney

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • 'Trajectories of the Moving Image in South Asia', Moving Image Review and Arts Journal (special issue on South Asia, Eds. Sawhney and King), 7:2. London: Intellect, June 2018, pp 191-201.
  • 'Shadowing the Image Archive', Moving Image Review and Arts Journal (special issue on South Asia, Eds. Sawhney and King), 7:2. London: Intellect, June 2018, pp 324-334.
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  • 'Re-presenting History's Spectres,' Hakara: a bilingual journal of Creative Expression (Eds. Noopur Desai & Ashutosh Potdar). Jan 2018. Available at
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  •       ‘Writing History in the Dark: Fatma Begum in Conversation with Ms Kitty’ in ArtConnect, 7(1), 2013. 
  • Review of Bollywood Travels (Rajinder Dudrah), in Deep Focus: a Film Quarterly, Bangalore Film Society, 1(1), 2013.
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  • ‘Postmodernism and the Aesthetics of Time in Rudaali: an Indian Perspective’, LITTCRIT, June, 31(1): 27-36, 2005.

Chapters in Books

  • ‘Fatma Begum and the Case of the Film Printing Machine’ in Industrial Networks of Indian Cinema (Eds. Madhuja Mukherjee and Monika Mehta), New Delhi: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2020.
  • ‘Between Screen and Gallery’ in Contemporary Indian Art (Eds. Partha Mitter, Rakhee Balram & Parul Dave-Mukherjee), London: Thames and Hudson, forthcoming 2020.
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