Capstone Projects 
The Liberal Arts offers a Capstone Project to its final year students, in collaboration with LabourNet, a Bangalore-based enterprise that enables sustainable livelihoods. Senior batches of Liberal Arts students are assigned to projects, catering to the specialisation and interests, through which they need to prove their skills through solutions or new ideas instead of pure analysis. These projects seek to address several of the sustainability-based issues and industry problems and provide the opportunity to assess student abilities in these often difficult-to-assess areas. 

Global Classrooms 
Global classrooms are a way of engaging, collaborating and impacting the way we think, feel and act. The Liberal Arts program gives its students this opportunity by conducting global classrooms for its students and for those in partner-organisations and universities. It is uniquely poised in its vision of establishing a South-South dialogue to attempt to take an interdisciplinary approach to explore the social, economic, political and cultural contexts of the countries that constitute the global south of the present. 
As a platform, it offers a comparative view of and a fresh perspective on the ‘Global South’ through Video conferencing  that allows the class to share perspectives and first-hand experiences relating to the themes and topics of discussion. This has included interactive sessions with university students representing the nations of Egypt, Mexico and Nigeria with a promise to include many more locations in the immediate future.

Collaborations ( National and International)
The Liberal Arts has collaborated with Immersion Global to give the students an opportunity for a cultural exchange program to Vichy in France. While undertaking a training course over the span of two weeks, the students will get to experience the French culture and way of life in Auvergne. The training program is designed to ensure systematic improvement in all aspects of written and oral French. 
The Cultural Exchange Program with Walt Disney World, USA provides students with the opportunity to spend their summer working at the Walt Disney World Resort. It provides the opportunity to learn directly from some of the most talented entertainment and guest service professionals in the industry. The program allows the immersion of different cultures from around the world and lifelong connection with industry experts. 
The Millennium Fellowship by United Nations Academic Impact and MCN, is a semester-long social impact based on-campus fellowship. This year, the selected fellows from Liberal Arts planned a project prioritising empowering non-teaching campus staff with vital digital and financial literacy skills by equipping them with essential knowledge and tools, the project ensures they can thrive both personally and in their roles within the campus community, creating an inclusive learning environment.

Skill Development Projects/Service Learning
Skill Development Projects like Lakes and Sustainability and Storytelling and more are conducted for the students, enriching their college experience.  

Outbound Training Projects
Outbound Training Projects are inculcated into the student curriculum at Liberal Arts. They are educational opportunities for students to integrate new perspectives with informal environments to enhance learning initiatives. The projects cover the four cornerstones of leadership: vision, values, passion and people skills. These valuable qualitative and affective learning experiences encourage deeper thinking about the interaction between man and his environment.   

Immersive Projects 
At the end of their first year, students of Liberal Arts are required to complete an immersive project which is an educational and career development opportunity, providing practical experience in field or discipline. The projects are structured, short-term, supervised placements often focused around particular tasks or projects with defined timescales. They offer the students an opportunity to gain hands-on industrial or organisation exposure, allowing them to integrate the knowledge and skills acquired through the coursework and pedagogy offered by liberal arts.

Community Outreach Activities 
The students engage in a variety of community outreach activities with the help of the Community Outreach Club.  These activities include working with Non-Governmental Organisations, Old Age Homes and Animal Shelters. The students undertake different tasks which help them develop on values like acceptance, empathy and warm heartedness.

Navarasa: A Performative Ensemble 
Navarasa is the annual production that is put up by the first year students of Liberal Arts at the end of their Performative Arts course in the even semester. It is an amalgamation of dance, music and theatre with students managing every aspect of the event, including lights, sound, promotions and finance. The event’s core idea is to portray the nine emotions of human nature - Shringara, Haasya, Karuna, Raudra, Veera, Bhayanaka, Bibhatsya, Adbhuta, Shanta - through the different forms of performative arts. 

Leadership Programme 
A leadership workshop, spanning over a few days,  is conducted for the students of Liberal Arts, dabbling with the themes of bonding, teamwork, initiative, goal setting and planning. It is structured to be experiential learning with activity-based sessions, adopting an ‘inquiry-based learning approach’ with data and information being converted into useful knowledge. 


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